Teletype 2.0.1

bug fix release

  • screen glitches fixed
  • crash resistance under heavy load

big thanks to @scanner_darkly for working out the irq masking.


So this is just the listed bug fixes and does not include the new ops like turtle?

correct. 2.1.0 will include turtle etc.

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Thanks so much for pushing this out as a minor-revision without all the new features! @Leverkusen should be really happy too :slight_smile:


Well, everyone can be happy about bug fixes, or not if she/he does not care much.

I don’t understand why you are pointing out that especially I should?

If there is something to say just say it!


I appreciate that you’ve been an advocate for those two fixes in particular – I mentally associate their increased visibility as bugs with you. I read Trent’s post positively!


for sure, i appreciate being reminded given the flood of new features coming through…


I think he’s just referencing the new operator thread where you mentioned your reservations of new feature bloat and wanted focus on bugs a glitches first. :+1:t4:

Yes, maybe I am a bit sensible.

I feel that I somehow got into a role of highlighting bugs that seem to be neglected which is an uncomfortable position here.

Also I have a feeling that it’s a bit of a minority position which is irritating to me. Might be simply a culture-bound issue.

I don’t think you’re in a minority position. You just happened to be the most vocal, and as you and I both seem to be pedantic (no offense intended!), there was much public hashing out of positions in the new operators thread that sort of put you in the spotlight conservative position.

Nobody really likes bugs, and everyone wants bugs fixed, so I’d say you’re in the majority in terms of whether or not to make bug fixes. Understand, though, that it’s not simple priority as to what things get done in what order. The very specific case of the operator thread had me advancing a dozen ideas at once and not working on the i2c bugs because they were already being handled by other developers.

Also note that 2.1 will knock a double-digit number of bugs off the tracker, so they have not been ignored. I don’t think there’s a culture divide between us, just some misunderstanding and context.


I have really appreciated the feedback you have given to me. It took me a little while to understand where you were coming from (maybe that is cultural), but now that I do, I value your opinion highly.

I think @Galapagoose and @tehn’s response show how much they respect you too.

Which is also why it’s so very important that you don’t stop doing it!

Seriously, I mean it. I know it’s not a fun thing to do, but it is really really important.