Teletype 2.0 beta (release candidate 2 released 13th July 2017)

This not the version 2.0 you are looking for…
Firstly this isn’t the v2 proposal discussed previously, I guess that will be v3 or such. Sadly, I won’t be able to implement any of the things from that list. Instead…

Teletype 2.0 beta

Changes since 1.4:

  • Telex ops
  • Aliases
  • PN versions of every P op
  • Sub commands
  • (breaking) removing the II op, e.g. II MP.PRESET 1 will become just MP.PRESET 1
  • (breaking) merge MUTE and UNMUTE ops to MUTE x / MUTE x y
  • (breaking): remove unused Meadowphysics ops: MP.SYNC, MP.MUTE, MP.UNMUTE, MP.FREEZE, MP.UNFREEZE
  • (breaking): rename Ansible Meadowphysics ops to start with ME
  • Using the F1 - F10 keys to trigger scripts. Also alt+Fkey to jump to editing the relevant script
  • NUM LOCK to jump to the pattern editor
  • PRINT SCREEN to jump to live mode
  • No more leading space before : and ;
  • Emacs/Unix style keyboard short cuts (ctrl-E, ctrl-A, etc), delete forward with DELETE, enable HOME and END keys
  • Limited script recursion (max recursion depth is 8) including self recursion.
  • Using a USB stick at any time (not just boot up)
  • Metro scripts limited to 25ms, but new M! op to set it as low as 2ms (at your own risk)

Current build (release candidate 2): 13th July 2017 (0d6ae8f) (444.4 KB)

Flashing it will erase all your presets.

Please backup any ttXXs.txt files on your USB stick, they will be overwritten.

You will need to power cycle your Teletype after flashing for the keyboard to work again. Wait until the normal Teletype prompt appears before rebooting (nothing bad will happen if you forget though).

See here for changes between release candidate 1 and release candidate 2.

See here for changes between beta 10 and release candidate 1.

See here for changes between beta 9 and 10.

See here for changes between beta 8 and 9.

Beta 8 fixed a serious issue with importing broken scripts.

Beta 7 fixed some small bugs with USB saving and loading.

See here for changes between beta 5 and 6.

See here for changes between beta 4 and 5.

See here for changes between beta 3 and 4.

Beta 3 fixed a preset saving bug with beta 2.

See here for changes between beta 1 and 2.

Previous builds:


Is there a new keyboard shortcut for accessing help? I really appreciated such ready access to a cheatsheet.

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Yeah, I’m planning on moving it to SysReq / PrintScreen.

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I’ll give this a shot later tonight. Even though it’s not an official stable release, it will allow me to use both the Telex opcodes and USB saving.

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Alright, got it installed. It froze on the initial auto-reboot, but shutting down my modular fixed it.

USB loading worked on the first try!

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Was it just a blank screen? And could if you can remember how long you waited until you power cycled.

Thanks for reporting back.

Installed ok for me, but it didn’t seem to recognise the keyboard until after a restart. USB worked first time after that restart.

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That’s expected, it’s to do with how the USB works, it won’t switch from device to host without a reboot. One day I’ll make it so that it will switch without a reboot…

I’ll update the instructions at the top.

Not sure what changed in the beta for USB read/write, but can we change it so it doesn’t overwrite existing save files on bootup? I went through the update procedure for 1.4.0 last night, and forgot to change the filenames for my backup scenes… and then lost all of them when they overwritten by the default scenes :frowning:

Luckily I think I have everything documented in my posts here on lines, but it was definitely a bummer.

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How do people feel about merging the tilde (~) key with TAB?

At the moment TAB switches between editing scripts and the live page. And tilde switches between tracker and where you were before.

Instead TAB could rotate between live, edit and tracker.


Eeeek. It’s not supposed to do that. And I have no idea what could have changed it to do that either. I’ll investigate this evening.

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I’ve had a look at the code and the docs, I believe that’s the intended behaviour, and it’s always worked this way:

Insert prior to power-up, then power-on the module. All scenes in flash will be written TT??S.TXT to the root, where ?? is the scene number (00-31). Any files labelled TT??.TXT will be read to flash at the scene position ??.


The code always writes to tt??s.txt files, and will only overwrite the Teletype internal memory with tt??.txt files.

I’ll add a warning at the top about USB backup, and I guess we can discuss what the intended approach should be.

No, it showed the live-entry screen but wouldn’t respond to the keyboard. I think it might be similar to what @GoneCaving reported.

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i prefer the dedicated, quick access to those sections rather than cycling through menus.


i do find i often confuse the tilde key with the tab and vice versa. perhaps an alternative key could be used to switch between live/edit/patterns?

also would be nice if pressing [ or ] while in live mode would take you to editing pages.


Dedicated quick access suggests a desire for zero toggles and three dedicated keys.


I’m planning on adding dedicated hot keys for each of the script editing pages with mod+F1 though mod+F10 (which modifier still to be determined). Maybe we can think of another 2 keys for direct access to live and tracker.

Me too. Which is why I’d like to cycle with tab.

Good idea!

Tomorrow is rewriting the keyboard handling day, though it might take more than a day. Once it’s rewritten it’ll be easier to tweak the keys.

I’ve already deleted the II op.


Sorry, to be clear this was definitely user error on my part – I was running an update from an older version (1.2 maybe?) to 1.4 last night.

But it feels like this is a little too easy to do, I’m suggesting we change this for 2.0 (or some future version)
Maybe TT??S{N}.TXT where {N} increments for each version saved?


Definitely, especially when one of the main uses for USB saving/loading is firmware updates. It’s too easy in such a circumstance to overwrite everything.

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i’d be very into the rotating through all 3. Jumping between the tab and ~ is frequently a small mind boggle, and i think i always half expect it to just rotate through all 3 anyway

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