(Teletype) 2.2 Release Status

New post coming to explain what’s in 2.2. That post will be pinned and linked to from here (except I’ve got some work stuff to do for a few hours so might not make the edits until later today).

There are currently three pull requests flagged as part of the 2.2 release, two are performance refactoring that don’t change the behavior of the Teletype. The third adds a screensaver mode, blanking the screen after 90 minutes of inactivity. The screen be be woken up by pressing a key on the keyboard.

Three other features have been identified for 2.2 release, discussion is ongoing but these are likely going to be included,

EDITED 10/23/17 - removed placeholder text and added three current @sliderule PR’s.
EDITED 10/23/17 - added links to three feature discussion threads that look like they’re going to be included in 2.2.
EDITED 10/23/17 - deprecating the post

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Can I propose this then?


Absolutely. Once discussion happens and someone agrees to implement it, we’ll make it clear here.

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I can definitely find the time to do this if someone can wrangle designing the layout. Discussion here:

I would love to help with this!
What exactly do you need?

There was an idea I proposed a while back and I’m wondering if it’s feasible…

Would it be possible to establish a Meadowphysics link (something like MP.LINK 1), where all 8 triggers from Meadowphysics could be used to automatically trigger the TT’s scripts? It would be an awesome way to establish a quick generative system without a fingertrap cable forest.


I’m still missing thoses two OP i’m talking/asking several times :frowning: snif !

WW.READPOS to read the step position of white whale (and use WW+TT+ ER301 as a MLR like or simply syncronise the TT tracker with WW positions and have more WW CV outs)


LV.KEY1 to simulate the push of this buton (i would to use walk instead of pushing this one)

If someone can help to add thoses, i’ll be very grateful !

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In a similar vein, having TT control of the Cycles speed would be great. I’m imagining something like the TXo’s many LFO settings and a method for adding force or friction.

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This was explicitly voted down by @tehn.

Here: Ansible with Teletype - What's Missing?

As I understand the ecosystem, that’s not possible. TT can poll or send commends to the other modules, but the communication cannot be initiated from the other modules. I’m happy for someone to tell me I have that wrong though!

@cmcavoy You can add Live Variable Monitoring to the feature list for the next release. It’s as good as done, barring requests to change the appearance, which would be trivial.


i think at this point it makes sense to merge your changes to master as soon as they’re done so i can rebase more easily. i can’t commit to any timeline for the grid stuff so i don’t want it to block new features.

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Alright, I’ll open the PR as soon as we have consensus that the feature is complete.

edit: Hex in the other thread.

@sliderule can you take a look at my edits in the top post and make sure they’re correct? I don’t have time today to read through all the discussion that happened this weekend, but I get the impression that those three threads have enough consensus from the community and development buy in from you that they’re going into a 2.2 release. Let us know if that’s not the case!

Also, for everyone else - I fumbled around a bit with pinning posts. I believe the TT 2.1 release notes and TT 2.2 release planning threads are pinned for everyone. Would be interested to know if that’s not the case. Discourse is powerful, but I’m not entirely sure how things look to everyone that isn’t me.

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Actually, the config menu is not part of those PRs.

Any chance I could edit the top post?

I saw both threads pinned, FYI!

Not that I can find, can you start a new post? I’ll rename this post with a DEPRECATED warning and explain in the top post that a new thread has superseded it and link to your post. I’ll remove my description above too, once your thread is up.

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i like this pinning/unpinning.

perhaps instead of the big caps text in the thread title, just a final post saying so (deprecated) with a link to the new post, then closing the thread?

just as general practice, i mean.

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