(Teletype) 2.2 Release


I cant find any further information on R.

I understand I can set a range using MIN and MAX and I see the value of R changes over time.

I hoped it would have a SEED of some kind. How is it “programmable”?



R is programmable in that the minimum and maximum are assignable.

There is no way to assign the seed, and it draws from the same rand() as RAND.

It’s just a convenience operator for brevity.

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Ah, thanks for the explanation.

I was hoping to find a seedable random function in Teletype, and was initially dissapointed, but CHAOS has turned out to be even better!

I’m really looking forward to the automata Ops too - repeatable pseudo-random sequences are really useful.



CA is still in there, buried as CHAOS.ALG 3



Really? Is it documented anywhere, I can find out more?

I was expecting parameters akin to Wolfram rules.

Edit : found it - thanks!



It’s unfinished, undocumented, and scheduled to be removed once CA is integrated.

Here’s an example usage:

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does the main manual have the 2.2 updates yet? the docs were merged iirc but not sure if there is some other manual action required to rebuild it.



2.2 has not been released yet per https://github.com/monome/teletype/releases

So… there’s no official build nor manual.



i thought perhaps it gets updated automatically once the changes are merged into master…
speaking of release, is there anything else that’s blocking 2.2 at the moment?



Not that I’m aware of. Docs were merged.



i think the only thing needed for a release is a .zip file with the presets attached. i can do this in the next few days.

unless you’re ready to skip straight to 2.3 :wink:



i think it makes sense to release 2.2 and 2.3 separately - 2.3 is still a few weeks away, and skipping could possibly create more confusion, we already have 2 separate threads for discussion, and there might be new bugs discovered that are 2.2 or 2.3 specific. also, 2.3 is still pretty volatile at this point, so it’d be nice to point people to a stable release that has variable monitoring etc.

also, @sliderule’s work on this deserves to have its own release!



In the Maths section of the documentation, the entry for LSH and RSH says:

LSH x y  <<  left shift x by y bits, in effect
             multiply by 2 to the power of x.

The number of bits shifted dictates the number of powers of 2 raised, so it should read:

LSH x y  <<  left shift x by y bits, in effect
             multiply x by 2 to the power of y.

Same goes for the RSH entry. It seems to be like that everywhere those commands are listed.

(I will look into setting up GitHub on my PC, to avoid hassling anyone with small typos like this.)

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Teletype 3.0

doing this today! many apologies for the lag… too many new things…



released. see top post



if you’re not comfortable with git i can easily make the changes - just trying to encourage more people to participate in development! thank you for reporting this, having correct documentation for something like teletype is extremely important.

great! should probably change the category from development to monome? i think some people have development on mute and might miss the announcement.

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My Teletype now boots up with:


Is that normal?

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mine boots similarly with 8CBC031






The build is just missing the version number text, “v2. 2”.

The “8CBC031” is left over from the previous beta front screen. Nothing to worry about.

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