(Teletype) 2.2 Release


Alpha 5

teletype.zip (120.6 KB)


  • Fixed bug when changing scripts in edit mode with alt-F1 et al.


Alpha 6

teletype.zip (121.3 KB)


  • Implemented new calibration operators
PARAM.CAL.MAX             | set and return param max
PARAM.CAL.MIN             | set and return param min
  • Same set of operators for IN

Example PARAM Calibration

  1. Turn knob fully counterclockwise
  3. Observe the value
  4. Repeat step 2 several times to understand jitter
  5. Turn knob fully clockwise
  7. Repeat step 6 several times


  • Calibration data saves across reboots
  • Calibration data is cleared whenever new firmware is loaded

(Teletype) IN / PARAM Calibration (Done)

Alpha 7

teletype.zip (121.4 KB)




Feature Change

As the USB filesystem rewrite will require copious testing, I’m going to push it back to version 2.3, where it will be the first and likely only feature that I add.



That’s super nice ! thanks !

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After careful consideration, I’m withdrawing my support for turtle step quantization (@QUANT, discussion starts here).

It’s actually not a very easy problem to solve as I had thought, and 100% of the functionality is already present in @MOVE.

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Once I finish the State Clearing Operators (awaiting feedback), I will put a bow on the alpha phase of 2.2. I hope to get that done within the next week, so consider next week the start of the beta test phase. With luck, we can have 2.2.0 out by December.

During the beta, I will need a few good testers to put this feature set through the ringer, but – good news! – because I’m following a sane development cycle, you can expect no wild feature additions, only bugfixes and feature adjustments. Should be smoooooth sailing. :crossed_fingers:



has anyone been beta-testing this build?

i’ll head over to the state clearing ops and make some suggestions now…

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Impossible, as I have yet to go to beta!

Beta will be posted once I finish up moving CA out of CHAOS and implementing INIT. Monday?

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ran into a potential bug, but not sure if it’s indeed a bug or expected behaviour - if you do something like:

I 4
DEL 10: TR.P I

it doesn’t output a pulse. this is likely because I is now treated as a local variable. would it make sense for DEL (and stack as well i guess) to use the value of I as it was at the time DEL was executed? but then this wouldn’t work for other variables, so maybe we just leave it as is…



In fact, right now, I only makes sense in an L sub-command.

Nevermind, just read the code and that assumption is incorrect.

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I can be used as a general purpose local variable too, right? or you’re talking about PRE specifically?



Yes, it can. I was wrong.

I’ll look into the DEL / I interaction.

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Looks like I’ll have to stuff I in the delay state. Checked if there were any other candidates to carry over, but it’s just I and SCRIPT number.

Nice find, @scanner_darkly! :+1:



Alpha 8

teletype.zip (122.1 KB)


  • Better centering of live mode variables
  • Fixes #130 by carrying I across delayed commands
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Does this build include the Grid ops ?
I’m really into programming for the grid, but i’m missing the display of variables.



Would this mean that you couldn’t use ‘I’ in a different script for the duration of the delay? Or would the value of ‘I’ remain locally?



Typing PARAM at full clockwise on Alpha 8 I only get 16383 and never does it go to 16384. Reading the rest of the thread I don’t see where that gets resolved?

This can be deleted as after I ran Param.Scale 0 16384 it all became obvious what needed to be done and how this works.



Negative. You’ll have to rely on @scanner_darkly to produce those builds, and he can’t merge in the 2.2 features until they’re stable.

Nope. I is local to a script and execution state. To explain:

I + I 1

A will always be 1. Each time you call this script, I is 0.

Is it supposed to go to 16384 or 16383? I changed it to 16383 by default after I read the teletype docs, and I’m pretty sure it says it’s supposed to be 16383.

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I should probably steer clear of this thread unless I’m certain about what I’m doing. In the Teletype studies I got to the page with PARAM and remembered something from this thread. In my novice understanding I thought it said above that it was supposed to be 16384. Okay so naked PARAM reads 16383 while PARAM.CAL.MAX is reading 16340. I’m too new to this yet and should wait for proper documentation before pestering the devs.