(Teletype) 2.2 Release


  • P.INIT / PN.INIT to clear patterns
  • INIT.VARS reset vars, stacks, etc (everything not KILL or pattern related)
  • KILL pre-exisitng OP (but maybe give it a new name)
  • INIT.ALL do everything, i.e. reset to power on state

RESET seems like it would be more useful in the context of sequencers (and is already used in various i2c related OPs). Might be best to keep the name reserved for that.

Where was it ‘approved’?


In the Config Menu thread, in the context of vetoing the entire slate of config menu selections.

What are your thoughts about changing the name from RESET to something else?

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Clearly this feature merits some discussion.

New thread: State Clearing Operators

A loose end from implementing PARAM.SCALE and IN.SCALE: the operator names!

@bpcmusic had suggested MAP as an alternative, as scale has a musical meaning.

The pull request is ready, so discussion on the feature can continue on github for those with an account.

Added to the feature list: bitwise operators!

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Added a bugfix to cause entered numeric values to saturate at the appropriate limits. (PR #128)

Alpha 1 Release

Status: Superseded by Alpha 2


  • NEW: new bitwise ops: &, |, BSET, BCLR, BGET
  • NEW: new ops PARAM.SCALE min max and IN.SCALE min max to add static scaling to inputs
  • NEW: blanking screensaver after 90 minutes of keyboard inactivity, any key to wake
  • NEW: new op: CHAOS chaotic sequence generator. Control with CHAOS.ALG and CHAOS.R
  • IMP: screen now redraws only lines that have changed
  • FIX: multiply now saturates at limits, previous behaviour returned 0 at overflow
  • FIX: entered values now saturate at int16 limits
  • FIX: reduced flash memory consumption by not storing TEMP script

Alpha 2 Release

teletype.zip (120.4 KB)


  • FIX: missing CHAOS.ALG entries
  • FIX: live mode redraw fixup

Why this release was removed temporarily:

Short answer: compiler bug. Vexed me for a while.

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8 posts were merged into an existing topic: (Teletype) CHAOS

@Leverkusen at @sliderule’s request I moved the CHAOS discussion to the CHAOS thread.

i noticed that the shortcut for help screen is listed as Alt-?. it’s a bit confusing since the actual shortcut is Alt-Shift-/. perhaps we should allow both Alt-/ and Alt-Shift-/ to avoid confusion? (and it can stay as Alt-? in the docs).


Alpha 3 Release

teletype-2.2.0-alpha.3.zip (120.5 KB)


  • CHAOS bug fixes

PARAM.SCALE is great.
One question though, is it normal that PARAM.SCALE 1 16 results in a maximum of 15 ?

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Before executing PARAM.SCALE, does your PARAM go all the way to 16383?

There is a bug in Alpha 3 it seems, as I’m scaling to 16384 not 16383, but that won’t make a difference if your PARAM value doesn’t go all the way.

PARAM.CAL.MAX and PARAM.CAL.MIN are on the way and will solve this problem, I’ll make bugfix at that time.

Great. Mine goes up to 16340 only.

Yeah, I am seeing slight inconsistencies with PARAM.SCALE as well.
For example


yields values between 0 and 23

Same comment as above. If your naked PARAM at fully-clockwise does not reach 16384, then the maximum value yielded by a scaled PARAM will be off-by-one.

Yup, my PARAM on it’s own seems to slightly fluctuate between 16320 and 16336.

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