Teletype 3.0


i would love to see a shiny new collection of scenes that could be distributed with the new TT 3.0



probably not 3.0 but 3.1. it will take some time to write new scenes / consider what to include (and i really like the idea of making this a community effort). also, i’m hoping to add a couple of features that can be part of 3.1 that should make it easier to create more general scenes that could be easily adapted for just friends / telex / er-301 etc etc.

i don’t think we necessarily need to try and cover as many ops as possible (although we should try and use as many as we can) - this is probably better addressed by more studies. for the included scenes i think the main goals should be:

  • providing scenes that can be used out of the box with no or very little modification
  • simple scenes that would serve as a good starting point for further exploration

and we should strive to make them as readable as possible so they can serve as studies in their own right (although it’d be good to include one super dense scene as an example of what’s possible).

for ops usage, including the new ones and the old ones that tend to be underused, studies is probably a better way to cover it. what would be really awesome is to also make this a community effort and have a set of additional studies created by the community.



You win!

It was actually a combo of a dodgy USB stick and this.

All good now :slight_smile:



I recently updated Teletype to 3.0 and a couple lines now have a “?” in them.

For instance, one is PN 0 7 ? and the other is CV.OFF 5 ?

However, both are followed by a G.BTN.V command… Could that be a clue as to what’s going on?

@scanner_darkly ??



To further clarify:

CV.OFF 5 ? G.BTN.V 18 N 12 0

What the line does is shift the output an octave higher when latched on, back to 0 offset when off.

I don’t remember or know how it’s working now! :nerd_face:. But the button still works like it’s supposed to…is ? an operator/command I forgot about and is not documented?



? is the ternary operator. Essentially the equivalent of an if/then/else. Searching the forum should help find some examples.

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Ah…so I did know what I was doing when I used that. :man_facepalming:t2:



thanks @GoneCaving for linking the post!

docs will be done really really soon, i’m working my way through the remaining grid ops and hoping to have them done early next week (the fact the docs are my top priority is evidenced by me having a dream last night where i was announcing the only docs that remain to be done are for grid ops - at a family gathering out of all places :))

if you don’t mind, i’m going to ask mods to merge this thread to the 3.0 thread.



It was my first inclination to post it here…:nerd_face:. So why didn’t I???



i’m not sure, but i am tempted to add ??? as a new op :slight_smile:



??? [if x is true, Teletype outputs voltages for Chopsticks, but in Phrygian mode]



documentation is done. let me know if you see any typos / formatting problems etc. huge thanks to @jlmitch5 and @alanza for their help!



Grid ops / integration

Excellent! To whom should we PM re any typos we find?



you can PM me or just post here

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Do we want to either link or somehow pull info about the github grid integration wiki into the teletype docs? I remember you had done some teletype control mode stuff, but it took me a while searching for the info after looking at the docs (where it wasn’t mentioned in the grid integration section).

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the github wiki grid studies are linked already in what’s new, grid ops and the grid integration section under advanced, but yeah i think i should expand the grid integration section to provide a bit of overview and direct links to the grid visualizer and grid control mode pages, will add that!



ah cool yea. I think I kept skimming for “grid control” and then thinking the wiki was (just) about shared community scenes, I went in there and didn’t see grid control within them, I got confused.

Once I saw the navigation within the wiki for the other pages, I was good.



One thing I would love to see in a future firmware is an easier to see cursor in the script editor. Maybe I’m alone in this but I often find myself typing a character to see where the cursor is!

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Nice job everyone.

Do you want to add a page break to the cheatsheet before the grid ops? Then they’ll all be on one page (and those that aren’t using them will be able to not print that page). The Python code for inserting page breaks in is a bit odd (sorry!), the docs should make it clear.

Also, if you didn’t know there is a list of ops with missing documentation in appendix B, it’s a surprisingly short list! But there are 3 grid ops in there that you might have missed.



Small question: Is there a reason why the OPs for i2c connectivity to things other than the telex-modules (e.g. Just Friends, w/, Ansible) aren’t included in the alt + h help pages? Or is it just because nobody wrote them so far? If so, could you point me to where I’d have to add these pages? I wouldn’t mind writing them and I find that those are the OPs that I forget most of all, so I think it would be useful to have them in there.