Teletype 3.0

Either PN.RND is funny or I’m missing something.

Pattern 3: 0, 2, 3, 5, 10 (rightmost column in tracker)

PN.RND 3 returns 0 95% of the time, occationally some of the other values of the pattern…

PN.RND will randomly select values within the PN.START and PN.END range. check what your start and end are set to.

That’s it thanks alot, end was 63!

Sorry for the noise…

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I finally have a little time to get back into TT programming. And I have some idea :wink: Last time I looked the ‘everything is gone’ bug was still worrying. So I didn’t update… Is this fixed in the latest beta?

I think so? There’s now an added warning printed to the screen requiring user confirmation (via button press) before memory is wiped. Of course, you have to back up your scenes before installing the update.


i wasn’t able to reproduce the bug or pinpoint the exact reason for what might cause it, so i can’t guarantee that the bug is no longer there. we did put additional checks around the code that overwrites the scenes, so hopefully this did fix the issue. as far as i’m aware, there were no reports of people running into the issue among those using the latest 3.+ beta.

as an additional guard we also added a warning during the module startup - if it decides to overwrite scenes in flash memory, it will warn you first and give you a chance to not proceed, with the hope that you can try and restart the module and see if the message goes away - this can give you a chance to recover your scenes. since we haven’t had a case where this warning came up during normal operation (again, as far as i’m aware) we don’t know whether this will actually help, but it should hopefully provide additional confidence.

regardless, it’s a really good idea to do a USB backup of your scenes often, especially after making major changes.

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20 characters of many thanks. I’ll get started again.

Hi, I have been using my teletype a bit more recently, and it has spontaneously erased all scripts and all scenes twice in the past week. The first time it happened, I had left my system powered for about 12 hours and it was executing a scene continuously, so I figured it was a glitch, nbd. However I just powered it on for an evening session and everything was gone again.

I am running teletype 3.0.
I have had the teletype for a few years, so it is probably an older hardware rev.

The scene it is running is really nothing special. It’s taking a gate output from a metropolis and randomly selecting to play that gate on trigger outs 1-4 (via ER-301, wired, not I2C). Additionally it is taking the metropolis sync output and putting some sequences out on CV 3 & 4 which are connected to metropolis’s aux A and aux B inputs. Finally it is generating a triangle LFO and putting that out on CV 1.

Any tips or advice is appreciated.

This happened to other users with 3.0 aswell, read more here:

here’s a new fw version with some protection:

@scanner_darkly shall we make a new release?


Ah. Glad it isn’t an isolated case! I should have searched harder!

yeah, there are several things ready to go: Teletype 3.+ feature requests and discussion

should do a last call for all the teletype devs to submit PRs (i have one to make as well)


Just got a TT… what is the newest Firmware that I should be looking to install? Link in OP?

Betas for the next version have mostly been posted in the Teletype 3.+ feature requests and discussion thread. I just updated a build in the Ansible Development and Beta Firmware Discussion thread which includes those changes as well as (new Ansible remote ops) and $.POL (script polarity) ops, these have not been merged yet but are pretty stable I think.


i would definitely recommend upgrading to 3.+ beta as 3.0 has a bug that can result in losing saved scenes.

Is the current beta of Teletype: v2.2.0-ALPHA.7-260-G550 ???

Oops that’s my bad, if you grabbed that from the Ansible thread, this is just a version tagger script failing on my build environment. I should really fix that.

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So where exactly can I find it because it’s not apparent on the page in your link above in Scanner_Darkly’s thread?

Edit: Resolved as it is the Teletype.hex file in scanner_darkly’s post listed as ‘Latest Beta E27F640’

The build was OK, just the version number was wrong. If you have $.POL that is the latest change. I replaced the version in the Ansible Development thread with the same firmware, just with this fixed, so that should read TELETYPE 3.0.0 24A27E3. PR to fix the underlying build issue.