Teletype 3.0



Yeah, I was just gonna call that out as where you might have looked. There is more detailed information elsewhere in the same docs, which should be correct. This bit isn’t wrong, it just may misleadinglessly suggest that that’s all in terms of features and/or documentation.


that section doesn’t have the shortcuts though… i only see it here: which seems to include the latest with the exception of the 2 shortcuts to enter the knob value.

edit: ah i see where it is:
we should add a distinct looking note there with a link to the full section. this ought to be done for all sections under Quick Start probably… which would address this:

the one i linked is terribly outdated and should be removed (you can still see 1.3 version in the filename too). @tehn when you get a chance could you update the main teletype page to remove PDF key reference that links to

asked in the doc thread if we can autogenerate a new key reference.


(Cheering y’all on :slight_smile: )


@scanner_darkly Hey sorry to be nosy, but I was wondering what is meant by TIME and LAST now being 1ms accurate? Isn’t the Scene State TIME variable still incremented by the clockTimer callback?


what you describe was the previous implementation. my change was to use the global ticks variable that gets updated on each tick instead (tick is 1ms). the internal time variable is still used to allow setting TIME and to keep the last TIME value when you stop the clock with TIME.ACT 0.

here is the complete fix:


Right, my apologies I was looking at the master branch.


grid visualizer and grid control mode pages are now fully documented:

grid visualizer
grid control mode

the last remaining task is updating the teletype documentation. almost there.


Kinda curious, is it possible to implement ansible control via virtual grid from teletype? Could make much more sense of having ansible without physical grid/arc


would be certainly interesting to try… this would require a two way i2c communication though, which is not currently supported.


well, i think we are in the home stretch now. the only remaining task for me before submitting a PR is to add a grid section to the manual, all the other docs have been updated.

also as you might’ve noticed the version number has been changed to 3.0 - sorry in advance about the confusion it might cause! it was agreed there were enough changes and new features to warrant updating the major number.

with this i introduce hopefully the last release candidate. the only change from RC4 was replacing the shortcuts to insert a scaled knob value in tracker (instead of ctrl and shift it’s now ctrl-alt and ctrl-shift).

release candidate 5 july 12the
3.0 RC5 (162.3 KB)
teletype.hex (549.4 KB)

exciting times!


I definitely think it feels like a 3.0-level change! cheers!


TT 3.0 FTW! Great work, @scanner_darkly!


I feel like 3.0 is merited as well. The teletype has been revolutionized again! Thanks to you and everyone who contributed to this release, as well everyone who has contributed through the teletype lifecycle. What a truly amazing thing it has become.

PS - so far, so good on whatever fixes you made to the slowdowns I was encountering. I’ll keep testing on RC5 and let you know if they crop back up again.


Go team. You’re all stars.

We really should try and get together that definitive shared library of TT scripts once 3.0 is out in the wild. I just tried to load all my 2.x scripts via USB with no luck, so need to start fixing them all up. Probably just minor syntax changes (some of the scripts probably date by to 1.x as well, haven’t checked yet).


Oh, shouldn’t the firwares be compatible?


Not sure TBH. Haven’t had the time to keep up with the forum lately. For all I know I’m just doing something stupid.


the only breaking changes that would result in import not working for some ops were introduced in 2.0. after that version there were some changes in behaviour for some of the ops, but USB import should work.

btw you can find all the breaking changes here:


Thx. Probably me then. I’d updated the firmware a few months ago, which wiped all the scripts. Today I quickly plugged in a USB thumb drive with my scripts and booted up, TT went through the reading/writing step (and I didn’t see any error messages) but no scripts got loaded.

Will check tomorrow, plus install 3.0.


weird! if you’re comfortable with sending me the scripts i can double check if there is some incompatibility issue.

might be worth trying with a different USB stick too.


Curious whether v3 will contain additional new scenes?