Teletype 3.0



I’d just like to reiterate what a great piece of work this all is, by all involved.

I’m back from vacation, my ER-301 has had the i2C mod, and I’m now getting stuck into updating all my monome modules to the latest firmwares.

Looking forward to good musical times :slight_smile:

And reading 130+ pages of documentation! :open_mouth:


it’s here!

huge thanks to the community and many people who contributed to the release, helped with testing and documentation and provided words of encouragement. and to monome for making a little device that can make wonderful things happen with just a few lines of code…



Great work! Now I have to work out how to save scenes


Yay! And thanks :slight_smile:


Wowee! Thanks @scanner_darkly!


Crazy! A big thanks to @scanner_darkly and everyone involved!


the updated doc now includes a section on that: (thanks to @alanza for adding that!)


Congrats !
I’ve been away from my TT and grid for a while but I hope I’ll find some time some day. Very inspiring combo !


Brilliant achievement. Thank you


Fantastic, thank you sooooooo much! :pray:


@scanner_darkly looking forward to hearing you make some music!


Thanks so much for everything you do!


Thank you so much!!!


Bravo @scanner_darkly and all others involved…such a credit to the community, looking forward to creating with these wonderful new tools!


Sorry for not getting back to you about this.

The symbol mappings are defined in this Python file.

It looks like the names for the OPs have gotten inconsistent over time though.


thanks @sam! so if i understand correctly i just need to add mappings for the ops?


I believe so!

Too much of this info is starting to bitrot in my brain…


About to install Final v3.0 and notice that the filesize of the hex is almost twice as big as the previous RC5!

Just wondering why that might be, @scanner_darkly ?

EDIT: some error messages when executing cmd line

WARNING (line 12295): 0x40000 address outside valid region,
 suppressing additional address error messages.
Total of 0x30800 bytes in invalid addressed.
WARNING: 0x30800 bytes are outside target memory,
 and will not be written.
Checking memory from 0x2000 to 0x31FFF...  Empty.
0%                            100%  Programming 0x30000 bytes...
[>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>]  Success
0%                            100%  Reading 0x3E000 bytes...
[>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>]  Success
Validating...  Success
0x30000 bytes written into 0x3E000 bytes memory (77.42%).```


the release file is larger because it includes presets.

i’ll check what’s going on with the warning!


Are the presets any different than those that were with previous releases?