Teletype 3.0

Hi, I have been using my teletype a bit more recently, and it has spontaneously erased all scripts and all scenes twice in the past week. The first time it happened, I had left my system powered for about 12 hours and it was executing a scene continuously, so I figured it was a glitch, nbd. However I just powered it on for an evening session and everything was gone again.

I am running teletype 3.0.
I have had the teletype for a few years, so it is probably an older hardware rev.

The scene it is running is really nothing special. It’s taking a gate output from a metropolis and randomly selecting to play that gate on trigger outs 1-4 (via ER-301, wired, not I2C). Additionally it is taking the metropolis sync output and putting some sequences out on CV 3 & 4 which are connected to metropolis’s aux A and aux B inputs. Finally it is generating a triangle LFO and putting that out on CV 1.

Any tips or advice is appreciated.

This happened to other users with 3.0 aswell, read more here:

here’s a new fw version with some protection:

@scanner_darkly shall we make a new release?


Ah. Glad it isn’t an isolated case! I should have searched harder!

yeah, there are several things ready to go: Teletype 3.+ feature requests and discussion

should do a last call for all the teletype devs to submit PRs (i have one to make as well)


Just got a TT… what is the newest Firmware that I should be looking to install? Link in OP?

Betas for the next version have mostly been posted in the Teletype 3.+ feature requests and discussion thread. I just updated a build in the Ansible Development and Beta Firmware Discussion thread which includes those changes as well as (new Ansible remote ops) and $.POL (script polarity) ops, these have not been merged yet but are pretty stable I think.


i would definitely recommend upgrading to 3.+ beta as 3.0 has a bug that can result in losing saved scenes.

Is the current beta of Teletype: v2.2.0-ALPHA.7-260-G550 ???

Oops that’s my bad, if you grabbed that from the Ansible thread, this is just a version tagger script failing on my build environment. I should really fix that.

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So where exactly can I find it because it’s not apparent on the page in your link above in Scanner_Darkly’s thread?

Edit: Resolved as it is the Teletype.hex file in scanner_darkly’s post listed as ‘Latest Beta E27F640’

The build was OK, just the version number was wrong. If you have $.POL that is the latest change. I replaced the version in the Ansible Development thread with the same firmware, just with this fixed, so that should read TELETYPE 3.0.0 24A27E3. PR to fix the underlying build issue.