Teletype 3.0



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Is there a description of how to grab the documentation from Github for normal citizens somewhere?


you can see markdown files here:

i don’t have the toolchain for docs set up yet, hopefully somebody who does could generate pdfs and post them here?


If I understand correctly, only additions from 2.2-> 2.3 are the grid ops, eh?


quite a bit more… the top post has all the details!


I had a crack at generating the latest docs, but got some errors which I need to fix:

RuntimeError: Pandoc died with exitcode "2" during conversion: b'--latex-engine has been removed. Use --pdf-engine instead.\nTry pandoc --help for more information.\n'

I got the html version of the docs out OK, attached below. (291.4 KB)


Mr. Ether, That is amazing! Thanks so much!


I am on Beta 2.3, 3D2CCB9.

My Teletype is locked up, through multiple power cycles. Unfortunately I don’t have a backup of the scene that’s running. I do know that I was using a lot of i2c commands in the INIT scene. 4 TXi knobs were controlling the wave shape of 4 LFOs on the TXo.

When I power the unit on the screen comes up normally, and I can see that the TXo is outputting the LFOs. They are, however, unaffected by the TXi knobs. I can get to the bootloader, so I’m sure the button is still working. I am guessing that I should just reinstall the firmware, but I wanted to ask for advice here first.

Any ideas? @bpcmusic @scanner_darkly or anyone else :slight_smile:

EDIT: details…
There are 8 connections on my i2c bus. I am using a powered backpack, and the runs are fairly short. Also the TX modules are running the latest firmware.


when it happens, is teletype completely unresponsive? what else is on the i2c bus, do you have er-301 connected by any chance?


When it happens the Teletype is completely unresponsive. I do have an ER-301 on the bus, but was not actively using it. My bus is; 2x Ansible, Txi, Txo, Earthsea, Orca, Just Friends, and the ER-301.


can you try disconnecting er-301 from the bus and see if it still locks? there was an issue with er-301 using the bus during booting up which would cause tt to freeze, especially if you have any i2c commands in your init script.


Back in business! Thank you for the assistance. I should really back up my scenes now :smiley:


it’s a known issue, @odevices mentioned he was going to fix it a while ago so the fix might already be in the latest version. unfortunately i didn’t have the time to update my er-301 yet, if somebody could confirm whether it was fixed it would be great. @laborcamp have you had a chance to verify this?


I am running the latest ER-301 beta, so I would guess that it isn’t yet fixed.


i asked brian in the od thread about this, hopefully can be fixed soon.


Hi @Justmat ! Don’t want to derail the thread (i may have better send you a PM…) but i’m curious to see your INIT coding for having 4LFOs on TX0 and four Knobs setting their respective shape on TXi. I’m not yet fluent with the Telex ops!

Thanks a lot if you can shed some light!


I will continue that in private messages, just as soon as I am able! :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey wait a minute as others would like to hear about this too :slight_smile:

Maybe @scanner_darkly can break this off into a: “Telex: Tips and Tricks” thread?


i think you need to ask an admin for that… a thread on telex code exchange would be great!


Here’s something funny: RRAND -32768 32767 seems always to return -32768.

Interestingly, RRAND -32700 32700 seems always to return values between -32500 and -32700.