Teletype 3.0



wow, thanks so much!! i was just wishing for a PN.RND while sitting with my system the other day. also, can’t wait to explore w/ support!


Thanks for your work! Awesome additions, undo and moving with ctrl+arrows are super useful!


Just found a bug: RRAND outputs values out of specified range


thanks for the report, will take a look! also just realized there is R op which also needs to be modified


I’m just getting a grip on teletype and all these new additions mean I’ve got a lot to learn! I’m really lookin forward to exploring all these new features and thank you very much for the hard work.


RRAND has been fixed. i also found a couple of other issues - RAND used with negative values wouldn’t cover full range, RAND -1 would always return 0, and R didn’t have any of the latest fixes at all. this is all fixed now, i think i’ll post a new version in a couple of days in case any other bugs are discovered.


Sorry if this is not the right place for this - I’ve read some other threads and did not quite get to what I wanted. I want to use the Grid Ops in v.2.3.

Is there some kind of solution where I can click the “buy now” button and just have something that works without having to cut and tape it together or stick adapters on all ends? I’d like something clean and fussless, if possible, and would be willing to pay a little more for the convenience and neatness of it.

Does the Arturia solution isolate data and power without end user mods? If so, does anyone know what kind of adapterless cables I need to go with it? I think the Arturia is micro usb-b. So micro usb-b male to usb-a male for TT connection? What is the grid connector type?


the Arturia device is three micro-USB, one male two female. on the Beatstep Pro it requires you to hold “shift” during startup, so I do not know (and cannot test) if it will work with grids.


before getting an offworld, I used the arturia solution. It works, but you need a micro/mini converter to connect to grid.


Thanks. I don’t want to build an offworld though, and it seems likely that monome won’t be restocking anytime soon?

Edit: looks like to be adapterless, I would need to a micro-usb female to mini-usb male cable. Does that sound right?


i use the arturia thing that came w my BSP. haven’t had any problems.


if somebody could post a description on how exactly to use the arturia adapter and what other cables are required i’ll create a page where we can document all the different possible solutions (or if you’re using some other solution and can document it that’d be awesome!)


Thanks for the confirmations on the Arturia solution. I do have a BSP so for the moment I guess I’ll just pick up an adapter so I can start using Grid ops while I look for my ideal solution.


Arturia’s device is Y-shaped with one male micro-USB connector at the base and two female micro-USB connectors at the top, one labeled “Power” and the other “PC”. I don’t have a grid, so that’s the limit of my usefulness, but to use it with a BeatStep Pro, you just attach the device to the BeatStep Pro and then plug cables as they direct.

I have noticed that (a) the ground loop does not go away unless you hold the “shift” button while the BeatStep Pro starts up (as I believe the manual directs you to), and (b) my computer will sometimes fail to recognize the BeatStep Pro if I connect it with just any old cable. That last one might not be relevant to this situation.


Interesting. I failed to notice this in the manual (not saying it’s not there - very well could be). So I never boot with the shift button pressed. But it did eliminate the ground loop noise I was encountering.


i just did a quick test with er-301 and realized i posted incorrect info upthread. here is what you need to do if you update teletype to 2.3 rc1.

on er-301 switch to admin, go to system settings, scroll all the way down to teletype settings and select:

  • 0xB1 or 0x31 address - this will correspond to SC.CV 1…100
  • 0xB2 or 0x32 address - this will correspond to SC.CV 101…200

depending on your version of er-301 you might not see some of the addresses, but you’ll have at least one of the above. you do have to change it as the default address right now is 0xB0.


Great work. Can’t wait to find some time to update and test this. Life’s been far too busy recently…


So, trying to get Grid Ops up and running. I’m using the Arturia adapter and picked up a micro->mini usb adapter. When I connect the grid to power (no teletype connection yet), it flashes some of the buttons in the top left momentarily - appears to be getting power. Teletype shows 2.3 RC 1 when I boot.

I have clock coming into TR 1. My script is

G.REC 0 0 8 8 0 1
TR.P 1

So I can see this script is triggering over and over correctly from the LED on the TT. If I go to the grid view on the TT, I can see the rectangle outline I’m expecting. If I connect the grid to TT, nothing happens.

Do I need to update the grid firmware too? What else could I be missing?


you shouldn’t have to update the grid firmware.

assuming everything is connected properly it could be that the brightness level is too low to see. try changing it to:

G.REC 0 0 8 8 0 15

and see if that makes a difference.


No change after altering the brightness level. Wonder if the adapter I bought could be bad…