(teletype) 3.2.0 release

released! thanks to @csboling and @discohead

  • FIX: improve DAC latency when using CV ops
  • NEW: call metro / init with SCRIPT 9 / SCRIPT 10
  • NEW: forward (C-f or C-s) and reverse (C-r) search in help mode
  • NEW: new ops: LROT (alias <<<), RROT (alias >>>)
  • NEW: LSH and RSH shift the opposite direction when passed a negative shift amount
  • NEW: new op: SGN (sign of argument)
  • NEW: new kria remote op: KR.DUR
  • NEW: new op: NR (binary math pattern generator)
  • NEW: new ops: N.S, N.C, N.CS (use western scales and chords to get values from N table)
  • NEW: new ops: FADER.SCALE, FADER.CAL.MIN, FADER.CAL.MAX, FADER.CAL.RESET for scaling 16n Faderbank values (aliases FB.S, FB.C.MIN, FB.C.MAX, FB.C.R)
  • NEW: new Tracker mode keybinding alt-[ ] semitone up, down
  • NEW: new Tracker mode keybinding ctrl-[ ] fifth up, down
  • NEW: new Tracker mode keybinding shift-[ ] octave up, down
  • NEW: new Tracker mode keybinding alt-<0-9> <0-9> semitones up (0=10, 1=11)
  • NEW: new Tracker mode keybinding shift-alt-<0-9> <0-9> semitones down (0=10, 1=11)
  • FIX: dim M in edit mode when metro inactive
  • NEW: new pattern ops: P.SHUF, PN.SHUF, P.REV, PN.REV, P.ROT, PN.ROT
  • NEW: new pattern mods: P.MAP:, PN.MAP x:

thank you!! these look awesome.

finally!! thank you so much :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

Looks good.

I noticed the manual link on the Github page is outdated, should be https://monome.org/docs/teletype/manual/

(I realize the manual isn’t updated yet, I just mean the url points to to the wrong place now) :slight_smile:

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Just grabbed the zipped hex and it’s from 2019 a beta of 3.x

SCENE.G op isn’t on list of changes - is it included?

ah, sorry! let me update the zip

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Oops! Probably because it was in 3.1 release!

honestly floored by how deep this has gotten


fixed the release file. please re-flash. should show the proper version on boot.


Reminder to everybody that if you have scenes/data you don’t want to lose, you should do a USB backup first. Because I never remember to do that :disappointed:

(Thankfully I posted my Hertz Donut mk2 ratio helper values in the Teletype Haiku thread and don’t have to determine them experimentally again…)


so great to see more people contributing to teletype! @csboling, @discohead - thank you!

should we start a new thread for post 3.2 feature requests / discussions?


YES YES YES 20charzzz

definitely i think it’s a good idea to start a new features thread, to keep threads slightly shorter :slight_smile:


what about your super useful adaptation to use 64 channels on the FB op? Is it transferable to this firmware version? :slight_smile:

yeah i can re-add that to the latest release. i might add a generic i2c op instead which would cover your addac use case.

Amazing! Thanks @scanner_darkly!

These new features are going to be so much fun! Thank you @csboling and @discohead!!


Awesome!! Thanks for all the work, fixed and features!!

Faderbank read operations now seem to have the wrong sign. They’re all returning negative. Can anyone duplicate the issue?