Teletype 3.2+ feature requests and discussions

you can cite me here in the future

“SV is broken”


this all sounds good to me! and a point release a couple of months from now especially, i’m sure we’ll need bug fixes at least, and gives me a chance to make my feature more complete.

we should just break away from version numbers and have codenames. TELETYPE SUNHAWK or something )


This request comes from an idea that I had in another thread, but I felt like this was the proper thread to post it to:

I'm not all too familiar with the various lookup tables yet, so I'm going to use `#`, just to denote a number function. The various lookup tables could include, but not be limited to :

#.C - Composite numbers
#.F - Fibonacci numbers
#.H - Hexagonal numbers
#.O - Octagonal numbers
#.P - Pentagonal numbers
#.PR - Prime numbers
#.S - Square numbers
#.T - Triangular numbers

#.? x y z

x being the nearest lower range, y being the nearest upper range, stop after z numbers.

The z could be useful because, with patterns, you may not want many changes, but with Hz then the case may be otherwise. Also, you probably wouldn’t have much use for 1,000 integers so the range would need to be something that wouldn’t bog down the CPU or memory. Maybe 1-100 or less?


#.C 5 99 5 would output five composite numbers: {4, 6, 8, 9, 10}.

x is 5. Since 5 falls equally between 4 and 6 the in lookup table of composite numbers,
#.C, then a TOSS function could determine which number it begins with. In this case, it chose to start on the left side of 5 and begin with 4. This is rudimentary when talking about composite numbers, but could be much more handy when you get into, say, Fibonacci numbers that could vary greatly in range.

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What about making a semi-colon at the end of a line continue the preceding line? Would come in handy for conditional statements and other commands that get a bit too long for one line. The code already looks for semi-colon, so this might be doable?


EV is much better, because phonetically it is correct - the first part of EVery


the official pre-release beta is now available for testing: teletype 4.0.0: pre release beta ready for testing!


[Regarding beta 4.0.0] After flashing the new firmware, I received a message that stated: “Scenes will be overwritten. Press to confirm. Otherwise do not press.

What it is that I’m supposed to press is not identified. I tried pressing enter/return & the front panel button, but that didn’t work so I did a complete sweep, with my hand, across the keyboard and pressed every button. I’m not sure which one successfully confirmed the overwrite.

you need to press the front panel button while the message is shown. once you do, it should show the live mode screen after a couple of seconds.

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I did press the front panel button. I didn’t get any kind of response and the message timed out, then the screen went black. I restarted and did the keyboard sweep and it worked. Again, I’m not sure which key initiated the validation. Perhaps, the message could be more clear about the front panel button since most users will have a keyboard connected.

you should only get this message immediately after flashing firmware while you still have a usb cable connected.

the code expects the front panel button to be pressed, it won’t react to keyboard at that point. it might appear pressing on the keyboard fixed it but there is a small bootup delay so it might appear unresponsive.

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For me I often find I am not quick enough with the panel button after flashing, and I get the back screen. I usually just power cycle, get the message again, press the front panel button, then after a few seconds am in live view as normal.

As far as I know this message trying to address an old bug. Could we rephrase it or perhaps remove it all together?

the message should only ever be shown in 2 cases - that old bug or flashing a new beta. so regular users should never see it unless they still run into that old bug, in which case we definitely want a strong warning so they don’t lose their scenes.

we could rephrase it to make it more clear for people flashing betas.

Ok, so when installing an official firmware, the message is not shown? Just goes to show where I get my firmwares…

But, yeah, I think a rephrasing could be helpful…

now i’m actually not 100% sure. but i think it’s not shown.
want to do a PR? )

Last time I flashed from the official zip on the Monome website it booted straight to a test script which cycles through the trigger outs making pretty flashy lights, no message or button pressing, I only get that when I build from GitHub


right, i remember now - the official firmware will not show the warning because it comes with the default scenes.

I don’t remember if it was discussed before, but is there a chance of to have a feature for sending Slew EX Midi CC values over i2C op ?
I don’t know if it’s possible to implement that into the Teletype…
but it really can to be cool for modulate some CC’s…

I think the consensus is that i2c can’t send continuous information, only single commands, so the slew would need to be implemented at the receiver end not the sender.

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MIDI CC is discreet messages, not a continuous stream, and even if you have a MIDI LFO it will send discreet messages, there is no concept of “slew”.

you can replicate this with teletype by using the metro script and adjusting its rate to however fast you need / however fast the receiving device can handle.

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