Teletype 3.+ feature requests and discussion


Over @ teletype: grid # code exchange (Teletype 3.+ feature requests and discussion) scanner_darkly - SCENE is banned from the init script because you can lockup your Teletype requiring a firmware flash to fix!
e.g. if the init script of scene 1 calls SCENE 2 and the init script of scene 2 calls SCENE 1 , then you Teletype will bork. Worse… when you reboot the system it will probably try to re-run the last saved scene… and the only way around it is a firmware flash.

So I raised the possibility of - Just wondered whether there could be an option on this - either at firmware load or specialised word? ie set the thing and TT boots w/o a script.



still learning the hardware side of teletype, but I think if you changed these lines in main.c to something like:


it would be possible maybe?. this was just taking a quick look, so there’s probably some other steps I’m missing.



for SEED op syntax, would TOSS.SD be acceptable to save a few characters? I’m thinking:





seems very reasonable to me - from a non expert on there matters :blush:



For completeness, how about SD and SEED versions of every seed op?



oh duh I forgot about aliases. thanks!

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excuse me, but is it possible to try the SEED-enabled fw yet? thanks!



still working on testing for the official pull request but I can send you the same build I sent @rikrak. it only has a single seed op instead of separate ones for each op using a random still works though!



that would be great, thanks!



Just had an idea for an op and wanted to get some thoughts and feedback


Controls directionality of P.NEXT / PN.NEXT

If Y is 1, NEXT moves forward (this is the default and the current behavior)
If Y is 0, NEXT moves to a random place within the current length of the pattern
If Y is -1, NEXT moves backward

You can already code up a pitch sequencer in a line (CV 1 N PN.NEXT 0), would be awesome to just have to set this one thing to change the direction of that pattern

As another idea, you could allow for any integers, not just 0 and 1, and that could set the amount of NEXT. In other words, PN.DIR 0 3 would make NEXT of pattern 0 move forward 3 indices each time it is called.



I can see how this would simplify a script, but also think it could be confusing since we currently have P.PREV to decrement the index and P.RND to get a random value between start/end. The semantics of the word NEXT would be more ambiguous.

Maybe something like this needs it’s own new word? Also, something that I personally haven’t explored a whole lot are the Turtle ops which have some interesting directional options.

You could code this up currently by having a variable to set and 3 if statements, one each for NEXT, PREV, and RND?



I didn’t know those two ops existed! This would actually be pretty easy to code up with some if statements and a variable.

EDIT: exactly what you said in your last paragraph :+1:

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@scanner_darkly - I loved the idea you presented for the SCREEN op a while back:

Also, I’m finding that the ‘remember last view’ feature doesn’t work for me on 3.0.0, so I left a comment on the github commit.



Sorry, it’s probably that I’m not Github-literate, but: Are the new features like DEL.R and such documented in some one place?

Thank you.



It’s all right there in the user manual:



Oh god, I knew it’d be something obvious but this is… In my defence, I looked at the PDF version of the manual. :smiley: Thank you, Mr. 2k.

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replied on github, not sure why it’s not working in 3.0 official release, are you sure you’re not using a later beta? we made a decision to remove this functionality, so if you’re using a later beta it will always start on live screen.

re: SCREEN op - this should be carefully considered. say, if you use it to switch to pattern view and you put it in metro then it might prevent you from being able to modify the scene, and the only way you could get out of it is by either disabling the metro with the keyboard shortcut or by editing the text preset.



Thanks for taking a look!

So it went in and was removed shortly after? Just curious - what was the issue with it?

My Teletype boots with 3.0.0 on the screen and is from the latest batch. I can update with the hash when I’m in front of it later if that would be helpful. It sounds like it’s actually a newer beta somehow.

I’m looking for a way to sometimes use Teletype without a keyboard or grid. The ability to choose the screen that comes up first in a scene would be helpful for this scenario. I can sure see why adding it in the metro would be problematic given your example! Is there a way to limit it to the init script or are all commands globally available as a rule?



there was a suspicion it contributed to a bug with scenes being overwritten in flash. and it was the only thing that would write to flash simply because of a user switching scenes, which seemed excessive. the feature existed i think in 1.0? then broke at some point and didn’t work for a long time, then i fixed it, then we removed it. weird it doesn’t work with 3.0.0 but probably not worth investigating since we removed it anyway.

if we were to limit SCREEN op to the init script then it would be the only op behaving this way which is something i think we should avoid as a general rule.

to understand the use case better, which screen do you want to see when you load a different scene?

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In most cases, it would be the tracker screen.