Teletype 3.+ feature requests and discussion


another option could be just having an op to set up the default screen after loading a scene. it woudn’t be something you’d use in a scene but something you would execute from live screen and it would remember your selection until you change it again (similar to DEVICE.FLIP).


being wondering is it possible to add EXP and LOG function into slew? Also i think TT will be a next level beast if this is possible
DEL 10: S: [some command]

Anyway, 3.0 is mind blowing. Thanks for the firmware upgrade!!!


Sadly you only get one prefix per line. So you have to choose either DEL or S, not both.

(One common solution to this problem is to say DEL 10: SCRIPT 2 and then script 2 contains the S: [whatever].)


yes that’s obviously one way to do it! however my point is, why sacrifice one $ for a line of simple command? :sweat_smile:


Four months later I am loving J and K local variables! Thanks so much. :+1:

How do people feel about longer init scripts? :thinking:


The prefixes giveth and the prefixes taketh away.

EDIT oh my bad this is the feature request thread. Yeah, I mean… it would be cool but I presume the limit to be there in the first place because there’s a big jump in parser complexity otherwise? I dunno.


I just like to pop in here an add one little feature request to the teletype.

I would love there to be a way to recall all stored patterns without having to reload the preset. I discussed the idea while back with Scanner Darkly but thought I would put an official request on this thread.

What I tend to do is jump around patterns 1 and 2 and randomize sections of them to create new variations but it would be great to have some command that allows you to instantly bring back the stored patterns. It would really help to create a sort of song structure to my explorations. It would almost be like going to the chorus in a song or going back to an established Melody after doing a solo.

Just thought I’d add that to the list. Thanks for making the dopest module around and thanks for continually developing it!

Monome ecosystem firmware development backlog

I’m not sure how likely / difficult it would be to implement, but Just Type ops with the ability to address a second Just Friends (7-12) would be wonderful.

Monome ecosystem firmware development backlog

Would require some cooperation from @Galapagoose for JF firmware tweaks (need the ability to set a new I2C address) or the use of a multiplexer like this one.


second that in 20 char

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I’ve been considering selling my second JF but i2c control over it would secure its place in my rack.

Lets summon @Galapagoose to see if it is possible and likely to happen.

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I’d love to see this sometime, but it’s an awful lot of work to do it right, and it’s an incredibly narrow set of users. As such, yes one day I hope, but I can’t commit to when as I myself can’t imagine when I’ll have time.


@scanner_darkly - I’ve just updated to the latest A235649 build and the tilde is no longer bringing up the live mode variable display… is this an omission or has the key for this been changed to something else?


strange, i used it with a firmware that is based on the one posted here and it worked fine. i’ll test this one later tonight. to confirm, there was no change.


oh that would be a dream!

yes! if that day comes i’d be incredibly happy.

thanks to all!


i tried reflashing the A235649 build (from both the hex and the zip) and the tilde works. are you using it with the keyboard that came with teletype? can you try with a different keyboard?


It could be the keyboard. I’m using the same keyboard that worked with the 3.0 build, but it’s a programmable Preonic from OLKB, so there may be room for shonkyness.

If I connect that keyboard to my Mac, the key combination that I’m using to create a tilde presents on the Mac as [SHIFT + tilde] (didn’t even know that was a thing!) - although on both the Mac and the TT it does display a tilde in text. That seems a little odd on the TT, no? If the tilde should directly display the live variables, then it shouldn’t ever print a tilde on the screen?

I’ll see if I can make the keyboard say something tilde-like that’s more acceptable to this build of TT :slight_smile: (and try with the original TT keyboard, too).


not sure where tilde came from actually but i think tilde is when you press with shift, the actual key is back apostrophe. try using the key without shift


Fixed. On the off chance that someone else is having the exact same (very specific!) issue - i.e. the tilde sent from an OLKB Preonic keyboard is interpreted differently in the A235649 build than in 3.0 build and so no longer displays the live variables page, the fix is to re-flash the keyboard to use the KC_GRAVE key instead of the KC_TILDE key for the tilde.

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so do you use shift with it?
it’s super strange it works for you with 3.0 but not this beta. that part of code wasn’t touched, the only change was a fix for vortex keyboards but that doesn’t change how keys are interpreted.