Teletype 3.+ feature requests and discussion



Just wanted to say: DEL.X/DEL.R is a really great addition to the Ops. Thanks @alphacactus!

EDIT: Ooh! I have (an unrelated) feature request. I wish we could comment out a line with ALT + / but before pressing return to commit. Or is there a way of doing it already? @scanner_darkly would know.


you only need to commit when you enter a new line, right? so you want to be able to start entering a new line and then comment it out before it’s committed?


Yes. I want to be able to add a line of code which is not going to be executed until I un-comment it.


i see, yeah, that’s a good use case! should be easy to do, i’ll add it.


ok great, so I’ll move the initialization out of flash_read and back into ss_init. also I believe I need to modify INIT.DATA and other relevant INIT ops for initializing J and K.


probably just INIT.DATA, and maybe INIT.SCRIPT and INIT.SCRIPT.ALL?


Is there gonna be visual feedback on a commented line that’s readable at all when the line’s empty?


i think an empty line will always start uncommented. and if you start typing something and comment it out, then delete what you entered, at that point it should become uncommented again.


That sounds great! 20 characters of perfect.


would the slew time be the period of the sine wave?


updated the top post with the latest master build.


As in, should the time set by CV.SLEW in the case of a sinusoidal slew correspond to the period of the sine wave? I think if we want to be consistent with the behavior for linear slew, we should instead have it correspond to the time it takes a sine wave to go from trough to peak—half the period.


Hope it’s ok if I throw a couple more pennies into the wishing well.

Next level USB Storage Ops

Ability to bring up a directory listing of *.txt files on the root of the USB stick and select one to load into a memory slot without having to use a computer to rename it. Possibly an option to save current scene only to USB? Ability to name it something other than ttxx.txt?

Options for SCENE Op

Currently I think the SCENE op works exactly the same as loading from the keyboard or by using the panel button with the exception that the I script is not executed automatically.

So calling SCENE does reset grid ops, I think? Could there be variations on the SCENE op that would not do a G.RST? Wondering if this might be a way to avoid having longer/more/phantom scripts. E.g. you could use all 10 scripts in one scene to do grid ops and other setup (slews offsets, etc.), and then at the end call another scene to do all the processing. I guess it could potentially get a little confusing with a grid op button or fader calling a scene that’s not really in the current script… might need more discussion but thought I’d throw the idea out.


ok that makes sense.


cv.slew already outputs a linear ramp. you don’t have to worry about the rate. i assume you just to turn the ramp into a half-cycle sine scaled to [0, 1].

call the linear ramp output x, you want (cos((x+1) * pi) + 1) / 2

y = fix16_cos(fix16_mul(fix16_add(x, fix16_one), fix16_pi)

and then scale back to [0, 1]

y = fix16_add(y, fix16_one) >> 1


note that there are different options for libfixmath sine approximation that can be selected in the preprocessor. to use the LUT define FIXMATH_SIN_LUT somewhere. otherwise there is a less accurate parabola appoximation and a more accurate higher order polynomial


Thank you for all these cool new delay ops. I’m trying them out right now.

I’m trying to understand, if I type the following:

$ 1
DEL.X 4 BPM / 120 4: TR.P 1

I should see 4 triggers at 120 bpm

and if i type:

$ 2
DEL.R 4 BPM / 120 4: TR.P 1

I should see 3 (A minus 1 delays by B ms) triggers at 120 bpm?

I think i see/hear 4 for DEL.R 4 (the same as DEL.X)?

I could very well be misusing this new op.

edit: DEL.X delays all trigs, DEL.R ignores the first delay, and applies delay to subsequent trigs.
I was misunderstanding the op.


ya first command has a delay of 1ms for del.r. I’m guessing it’s a typo, but you have the number of delays in there twice? just noting number of delays should be the first parameter.


Big +1 from me for that


Shadow scripts!.. (basically another set of scripts doubling the amount to 20)

Some sketches for interface visual indicators that you are in shadow script, which I did a while ago in another thread.


Beautiful mockups. I hope to see a timeline and/or shadow scripts someday too!