teletype 4.0.0: beta 2

@scanner_darkly I notice an issue that is still present but maybe it’s in the design…
Sometimes the screen go off.
It’s happen really not a lot so it’s difficult for me to find from what it come, I am not sure if it come from the screensaver…
But the TT is always responsive and I can make a « blind » save before power cycling…

There is a screensaver that turns the display off after a certain amount of time, but hitting keys on the keyboard should wake it up again.

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Yes my screensaver wake up after pressing a key, but sometimes, really not often, the screen not wake up when I push a key.
But as I said it happen not often and I don’t know if it’s come from after a screensaver wake up…
I am still on the beta 4.0 79DB601

when you say it’s responsive, how do you know it is? does it keep outputting CV/triggers, just the screen is blank?

anybody else experienced a similar issue?

Yes it’s responsive because teletype is always playing CV/Trig, just the screen is blank.
The keyboard is responsive too, because I am able to do alt+echap and alt+enter for saving my script.

some follow up questions:

  • how do you know that it actually saved the scene?
  • did you experience this issue before 4.0.0 beta?
  • are you able to reproduce it reliably?

I know it actually save the scene because when it’s happened I do alt+echap, then alt+enter and it save my changes.
(I do it with blank screen)

Yes I remember to have this issue before, It seem me with the last official and also for sure with the beta before this beta (the firmware with Disting ex ops)

Sorry but no, the issue seems happen randomly and rarely. It’s not happen with a special configurations or something specific that I change…

do you remember by any chance what was the last screen shown before it happened?

Unfortunately I don’t really remember. I will pay attention to the last screen shown when it will happen again.
I can manage with this issue so it’s not annoying a lot…

I just compiled and installed the firmware from github. the version shows 3.2, could I be doing something wrong?

The version uses GitVersion and the latest release number was 3.2.0. I believe @scanner_darkly has manually adjusted the version for the 4.0.0 beta. Your build should be otherwise identical to the 4.0.0 beta.

correct, it comes from git_version.c which the makefile will set to whatever the latest release tag is, so once there is an official 4.0 release it will automatically set it to that, but you can also change it manually to whatever.

let’s leave it to next version then - there is a couple of things we could try but frankly it’s such a flaky feature i don’t want to risk touching it before the official release.


I will take serious notes of all states when it will happen again.

Thank you for all these really nice improvements on this new firmware !

Let’s go for the new official release :slight_smile:

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There’s the missing stuff in the built-in help that I mentioned above.

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yep - we’ve been thinking of redesigning the help mode as a bigger initiative, there are several sections that could be updated, some things should be grouped differently and it should use the same style/format throughout. this does mean it’ll have to be in a future version unfortunately as it will be a big task.


huge thanks to all the people who reported bugs:


as mentioned in the OP, there will be a prize for beta testers - since there was no clear winner, we will do a raffle tomorrow at flash crash after the 1st half and before the intermission!


Just had an issue with teletype 4.0.0: beta 2. If I add “W NE A B:” to the script M it significantly slows down/freezes. Behaviour is equal with only M 30 / M 100 in the script I. Other scripts are empty.
My target was to write some basic scences to control some of the Disting EX single algorithms. Maybe there is even a collection of it somewhere in the forum?
So here I wanted to try to control the Augustus Loop. PRM should control coarse/pitch and it should check if the PRM was latest moving CW or CCW and do playing forward or backward.
My aim is just to report the bug (?) - no need of explaining how to write/correct the scene.

your condition is "while A doesn’t equal B" but you don’t update either A or B in the loop, so if they’re not equal, the loop will continue 10000 times - that’s the internal limit teletype enforces to avoid infinite loops. sending an i2c command 10000 times will slow down tt significantly.


Thank you! Completely misunderstood W! Didn’t know that it loops til it is true. Thought it‘s just checking once the condition in front of : and if true it executes all after :

that would be IF condition: ...