teletype 4.0.0

another milestone for teletype with many amazing additions and many awesome folks contributing to development, testing and documentation :black_heart:

for details on various features see Teletype 3.2+ feature requests and discussions and teletype 4.0.0: beta 2 [new june 20] ready for testing!

get it here: Release Teletype 4.0 · monome/teletype · GitHub
firmware update instructions are here: modular firmware updates | monome/docs


  • FIX: LAST SCRIPT in live mode gives time since init script was run
  • FIX: negative pattern values are properly read from USB
  • FIX: delay when navigating to sections in docs
  • NEW: generic i2c ops: IIA, IIS.., IIQ.., IIB..
  • NEW: exponential delay operator DEL.G
  • NEW: binary and hex format for numbers: B..., X...
  • NEW: Disting EX ops
  • FIX: LAST n is broken for script 1
  • NEW: bitmasked delay and quantize: DEL.B.., QT.B.., QT.BX..
  • NEW: scale and chord quantize: QT.S.., QT.CS..
  • NEW: bit toggle OP: BTOG..
  • NEW: volts to semitones helper OP: VN..
  • IMP: DELAY_SIZE increased to 64 from 16
  • FIX: scale degree arguments 1-indexed: N.S, N.CS
  • NEW: Just Friends 4.0 OPs and dual JF OPs
  • NEW: binary scale ops N.B and N.BX
  • NEW: reverse binary for numbers: R...
  • NEW: reverse binary OP: BREV
  • NEW: ES.CV read earthsea CV values
  • NEW: added setter for R, sets R.MIN and R.MAX to same value, allowing R to be used as variable
  • NEW: v/oct to hz/v conversion op: HZ
  • FIX: W/2.0 ops added
  • NEW: W/2.0 ops documentation
  • NEW: ><, <>, >=< and <=> OPs, checks if value is within or outside of range
  • IMP: new powerful Q OPs
  • IMP: Improved line editing movement (forward/backward by word skips intervening space).
  • NEW: Delete to end of word command alt-d added.
  • NEW: new op: SCENE.P
  • NEW: new multi-logic OPs AND3, AND4, OR3 and OR4 with aliases &&&, &&&&, ||| and ||||
  • NEW: alias: EV for EVERY
  • NEW: live mode dashboard
  • NEW: ops to control live mode: LIVE.OFF, LIVE.VARS, LIVE.GRID, LIVE.DASH, PRINT
  • FIX: PN.ROT parameters are swapped
  • FIX: better rendering for fine grid faders
  • FIX: logical operators should treat all non zero values as true, not just positive values
  • NEW: crow ops
  • NEW: TI.PRM.CALIB alias added (was already in the docs)
  • FIX: SCENE would crash if parameter was out of bounds

these huge updates! wowee!



Did MIDI not make the cut?

it did! looks like i forgot to add it to changelog :man_facepalming:


Can’t wait to reflash tonight post flash crash after bash


time to FLASH! in 20


thanks to everyone who worked on this update!

You’re too quick for me :sweat_smile:… congrats!!!

20 thousands thanks :pray::heart_eyes::vulcan_salute:

Love watching the collaborative effort behind releases like this. Well done to everyone involved! Now what did I do with that cable…

was there anything about neotrellis grids working w teletype? thought i saw someone mention something about that at some pt. or was that an earlier update?

What a great time to be getting back in the teletype game. Pumped to try out the new fw! Thank you!

thank you so much to everyone who involved in this. really really appreciate the effort :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:
quick question to @scanner_darkly is the matrix animation included in this firmware, and how do you access it? i think it’s super cool! :joy::grin:

Looks like an alternate firmware!


ah thank you for the info!

Yea, it’s something to do with a change in how the new grids communicate that is now the same as how the neotrellis communicate, so the neotrellis now work with all updated grid compatible modules (ansible, teletype, norns).

I used my neotrellis with teletype at flash crash on Saturday and it worked perfect.


Great work all! and great timing as I had put TT down for a year and was itching to get started again. Looking forward to understanding the midi ops. Thank for all the hard work

wow great news! what pcb color do you have?

Green, it’s an old one, but I am using a usb power splitter with external power. It’s probably a good idea to do this regardless of PCB colour because the neotrellis consumes much much more power than the real grids, like potentially up to 1500-2000mA (though I dont think anyone’s actually measured it). For this reason, it’s probably best to keep that kind of power draw away from your eurorack PSU.

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Looks like this page is out of date: modular firmware updates | monome/docs still shows TT 3.2. :slight_smile: The link goes to 4.0

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