Teletype and MIDI

FB.ON uses semitones since it sends MIDI, so you just need to scale values you get from KR.CV to that. V 1 value covers an octave, so to scale to MIDI notes you just need to divide KR.CV by V 1 and multiply by 12 - but best to use SCALE for this as this way you won’t lose precision. something like this: SCL 0 V 10 0 120 KR.CV

with this approach you could also use teletype as a quantizer and control scales in teletype instead of kria, if you prefer. still, KR.N or app agnostic ANS.N would be useful!

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Awesome. Sincere thanks @scanner_darkly, SCALE works perfectly. I didn’t really understand what that op did but totally grasp it now, and it does exactly what i was hoping. I am now simultaneously sequencing both digitone and digitakt via kria using the 16n as the middle man and its tracking perfectly so far. Its blowing my mind.

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you could also simply divide by 1365 but that might give you slightly innacurate results (V 10 is 16384, 16384 / 12 = 1365.33…)

the cool thing about having teletype in between (in addition to being able to use it as a quantizer) is the ability to additionally transform notes - transpose (it’s fun to use the knob to control transposition), skip random notes, transpose random notes, turn each note into an arpeggio etc etc


Teletype is the heart of my system and I have barely scratched the surface. Im loving the development of the whole ecosystem and feel fortunate to be able to explore it. If I can eventually plug my op-z directly in as a meta controller instead of a keyboard I will have more power than one man should possess.


@scanner_darkly could you point me to the most up-to-date firmwares for 16n & teletype that include the midi ops? i’m having a bit of trouble finding them myself

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After reading through this, I understand why we don’t have midi ops for the teletype, but damn if I wouldn’t love having ops just for the twister fighter alone.

not to say midi ops are completely impossible - but i don’t have enough knowledge of the USB protocol needed to investigate the issue properly.

Totally understand. Was just thinking about ways to allow for more playable methods with the teletype besides just the grid and such. Have been looking at some of the Mutable Marbles emulations and was thinking of ways to get around my lack of a TXi. But! Again, we’re just talking about a niche experience that I sorta want because I don’t currently have it. Call it functionality GAS. Ha

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Do you know if it would it be possible (theoretically) for someone (:raised_hand: maybe…) to look into the USB midi protocol and edit the firmware to include a MIDI op, which might be able to read notes as CV values, and (maybe) have notes on a given channel trigger a script with that channel id?

i think i should maybe revisit it - receiving MIDI events worked fine, it was sending that was the issue. if you want to take a look at debugging the latter check out this thread.

here is my old midi branch:

it’s hard coded for testing (it stores MIDI values into variables and triggers scripts 6/7) but should be a good starting point.


That’s amazing!! I’d be very happy even if it were only able to receive MIDI to be honest, just as a first release perhaps?

I think it’s worth having some discussion on how different scripts are triggered though - be it corresponding to MIDI channels as I suggested, or incrementally from whatever MIDI channel is selected (with each note on), ignore MIDI channels altogether and only ever trigger scripts 1-4…?

This might be very exciting to use something like the OP-Z + Teletype to sequence stuff directly ( would also make the teletype a MIDI-to-i2c converter too?), and/or meta sequence Kria :heart_eyes:

Anyway, I’ll take a look into that branch!


i think it should be assignable in order to cover different use cases. something like:

MIDI.S channel event script

event specifies the event type that will trigger a script - notes on/off, CC, start/stop/pause/clock, perhaps using a bit map so you could specify multiple event types.


revisiting MIDI in ops, beta version here: Teletype MIDI IN ops [experimental]


Hi there! Has someone tried to use the USB MIDI out of a Digitakt to send MIDI to Teletype? I have achieved to play Just Friends with a Keystep connected to the USB of Teletype, but when I connect the Digitakt to do the same it looks like Teletype isn’t getting any MIDI messages.

Edit April 19th, 2023: Well, in case anyone was wondering… I can confirm that Digitakt sending MIDI via DIN connector to MIDI interface (in my case, Iconnectivity mio) works perfectly with the USB connector of the Teletype!

Can you elaborate on how you achieved this? I am hoping to get my Torso T-1 to send MIDI via Teletype to Just Friends in synth mode, but am not quite sure how to go about it.

I don’t own a Torso, so I don’t know if Teletype will automatically receive the USB midi out from the Torso… But if not, you can always set a MIDI interface between them and it will work like a charm!

The one I use for Digitakt+Teletype is this:

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Would you mind sharing your script?

I’m using the basic one that was defined in the thread of MIDI in ops. I attach the link:

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20 characters of thank you!

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