Teletype and MIDI

revisiting MIDI in ops, beta version here: Teletype MIDI IN ops [experimental]


Hi there! Has someone tried to use the USB MIDI out of a Digitakt to send MIDI to Teletype? I have achieved to play Just Friends with a Keystep connected to the USB of Teletype, but when I connect the Digitakt to do the same it looks like Teletype isn’t getting any MIDI messages.

Edit April 19th, 2023: Well, in case anyone was wondering… I can confirm that Digitakt sending MIDI via DIN connector to MIDI interface (in my case, Iconnectivity mio) works perfectly with the USB connector of the Teletype!

Can you elaborate on how you achieved this? I am hoping to get my Torso T-1 to send MIDI via Teletype to Just Friends in synth mode, but am not quite sure how to go about it.

I don’t own a Torso, so I don’t know if Teletype will automatically receive the USB midi out from the Torso… But if not, you can always set a MIDI interface between them and it will work like a charm!

The one I use for Digitakt+Teletype is this:

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Would you mind sharing your script?

I’m using the basic one that was defined in the thread of MIDI in ops. I attach the link:

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20 characters of thank you!

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