Teletype / Ansible : 4 Track Step Sequencer

Made my first scene that actually requires Ansible to work. Still have a few open scripts, I’m not using the Param knob for anything, and 4 open CV outs from Ansible, so there’s a lot of room to extend this further.

Basically Key 2 on Ansible controls the currently selected pattern, displayed by A-D gates on the Teletype. Gates out of the keyboard go into script 5, and the pitch goes to IN. Each pattern is clocked by scripts 1-4 respectively. Key 1 on the Ansible clears the current pattern. The trigger outs on Ansible fire when there is a note change. Considering doing some sort of envelopes out of Ansible’s CV out, with decay controlled by PARAM – or is there something else more interesting I should try?

The whole scene is included here:
4 Track CV Recorder.txt (1.4 KB)

Sorry again for shitty recording, but you get the idea.

Also, I’ve had this scene freeze up on me a few times… usually at higher clock speeds, but it’s not very consistent. Any ideas what could be causing that?