Teletype as a trigger processor

i am having difficulties trying to make something really simple.
I’d like to have an incoming trigger and delay it.


should let let trigger pass through TT, but with a delay, shouldn’t it ?

It just seems to spit out random trigs. I guess it has something to do with the trigger not being ‘reset’ ?

Also, how accurate, in terms of timing is just using TR.PULSE to simply let a trig pass through ? It could be me, or my gate to MIDI module, but the timing sounds a little drifting.

Could it be due to the trigger time being set to only 1ms?
Is it important that the trigger is 1ms? If not, I would set it to something a little longer.

you’re on v1.1 right? if not, TR.PULSE will invert and sound “random”

also yes, make the pulse length longer.

Sorry, but this :


results in no trigger out.

Also :
using TR.PULSE to trig my René, i’ve got missed steps. A lot. Depending on the clock rate, those missing ‘triggers’ vary from never to 1 out of 10 or so.

i should add that the problem is the same with all trigger outputs.
Also, tried with other jack connector.

this is just using
If i use the Trigger source (MP) directly into René, i’ve got no missed hits.

missed hits.m4a (262.4 KB)

Also : when the hits are missed, watching the trig led on TT, i can clearly see that the led is much darker when René misses the hit. It could be the pulse width.
Is my TT faulty ?

Ok, i made a significant discovery :
if i switch my modular on and off, then go with the
script, it works, ok, no missed hits, and i can see the led looking bright at each trig.

If i add a
“TR.TIME A X” before, where X is less or equal 10, it starts acting weird. 11 seems ok.

What is the “default” trigger length, and why ?
Anyway, i realize that i don’t really need pulses shorter than 10ms, even for fast drum rolls.

Indeed it looks like pulsewidth is the issue.

If you’re triggering a digital (gate/trigger) input I would always use at least TR.TIME x 20. I think there is something where the time constants are clamped to the nearest 10ms - some kind of polling / timer but I don’t know the specifics. Thus going to 10ms or lower might cause the second half of the pulse (the release) to fall inside the same processing block as the first, and thus be cancelled.

Thanks !
I’m trying to figure out how timing works but i am having hard times reading this : Timing for teletype (and other monome euro mods)

The reason i suggested that it might be the trigger pulse width is that I vaguely recall reading some extensive discussion of the trigger duration in various module dsigns on Muffs. I do recall the 10ms being the absolute minimum offering reliability.At least I THINK i recall reading that :slight_smile:

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