Teletype behaving badly

i just successfully modded my er301 and used the backpack i2c expander i ordered from @bpcmusic to connect my teletype, w/, and ansible. while i was screwing in modules, half moving them, all connected modules had a power flicker for a bit and freaked me out. i screwed everything in, works fine, but i’m thinking i might just have to zip tie the backpack cuz this is my performance case.
otherwise, it’s working awesome!

i have had my keyboard not be recognized by teletype both before and after this i2c business, as well.

Bumping for an unrelated issue, figured I would spare making a new thread.

My friend has a Teletype running firmware 2.3 beta that has an unresponsive USB port. The module will boot normally and I can select / load scenes with the panel button and param knob, but it will not recognize a keyboard or USB drive to backup scenes. Both the USB drive and keyboard are confirmed to be working on my Teletype.

I just replaced the USB jack thinking maybe it was a hardware problem, but the USB port is still unresponsive. I can access the bootloader so I was going try updating the firmware next (if the module responds), but I’d hate to lose the scenes… does anyone have any alternative ideas for a fix or to backup the flash memory before we attempt an update?

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i would suggest replacing the TPS2020 which is the SOIC8 chip next to the USB port. it delivers power to the USB device. try seeing if there is 5V on the USB line.

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Ahh should have checked the 5v rail, didn’t have a euro power supply at the workshop. Will do that next and proceed, thank you :+1: