Teletype broken?

Hi, my teletype suddenly started repeating whatever last input it got from the keyboard…
Is it broken?
Is there something I can do/try?

Could the keyboard key be stuck? Does the repeating stop when you unplug the keyboard from the TT?

It didn’t really stop, when pulling it out, but switching to another keyboard works… hmmm

definitely check all the keys. i had this exact thing happen and it was caps lock that got stuck. the way tt works is if a meta key is stuck then it’ll interpret it as whatever you press being held.

I just had this exact same issue. It would repeat indefinitely my last key pressed. I turned my keyboard upside and tapped it lightly. It must have dislodged whatever was holding the key down?

EDIT: This was the “J” key on the keyboard that came with teletype

the keyboard is pretty shallow, so it can be hard to say if a key is stuck. so definitely check every key