Teletype Busboard

you can now get the tt-busboard direct from as a kit or assembled (click accessories/etc)

it’s also fully open source and you can easily source and build your own:


how deep is it, including teletype? once mounted and powered, will it still fit into isms?

will fit in isms. same depth as ansible.

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Thanks for making these available @tehn. Also appreciate the assembled versions. I aspire to DIY, but…appreciate assembled. Also cool that you included the cables on the page, easy ordering!

I was order #2000. Auspicious. I assume all the electricity that flows through this busboard will be more musically pure as a result of this amazing order number.


@tehn I see that the tt-busboard and ii cables are sold out on the store. I’ve been wanting to start experimenting with linking up ansible, just friends, and w/ to teletype, and presumably eventually crow. I don’t have the equipment or the experience to DIY these for myself, and I’m slightly terrified of breaking things. Know of anywhere else that assembled solutions are available?

it’ll be a few months before i have any of these. in the meantime just get a long ribbon cable and put extra headers on the ribbon with some pliers. with just 3-4 modules you should be fine. part numbers in the i2c cable thread


Can these resistors 1206 2.2k [P2.20KFCT-ND] be substituted? They are out of stock on digikey with no lead time. Im trying to get all the components together to diy one of these as I have a teletype on the way and am going to want to connect my er-301, Ansible, w/, and just friends

Here are the suggestions from digikey for substitution




any 2.2k resistor can be used.

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Sorry to necro this post…

Would LM1117MPX-3.3/NOPB be suitable in place of the AZ1117CH-3.3TRG1?

If not I can order them, I just happen to have the LM’s from building the SLASHES.

minimal 3v3 required so if it’s the same pinout it’ll work

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