Teletype classes. Catch up and preview new features - so lines tv :)

Ok I’ve thought a bunch about this and I’m struggling to find a negative and only massive pluses but I wanna see what you guys think.

See I’m the audience (and people like me, or not) - struggling to find a way in past the teletype studies (which are beyond fabulous) and should be the launch off into what I’m talking about - lessons. In a free (well that can be discussed) webinar sessions…each week we could have a new luminary showing particular aspects and how they go about things…

do I need to flesh the idea out more for you guys or is it pretty clear?


As an alternative/adjunct, how about LCRP-style projects as another way of learning TT? Participants could agree a couple of Ops as required for each project, with the submission to include a recording, patch details, the scripts, and some text as to how they approached the project.


As someone on the fence about Teletype, this might be enough to bring a coding muggle like myself into the ring.

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this would also help blossom! i’m all for it.


Would be nice to see repositories like this evolving and seeing some additions.

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I would absolutely participate in something like this. Great idea!


I’m into this as well!

I sometimes wonder whether we don’t all tell the wrong story about Teletype - the live coding and typing into your modular is what defined TT in all our minds, but when @scanner_darkly added the grid stuff, a switch flipped for me (and I think others) and I started to see TT as a module development platform, more akin to the Organelle or Ornament and Crime than to, well, Teletype. Then again, everything that makes TT such a great module development platform came out of designing for the live-coding use case. Everything interesting happens at the borders, I guess…

Not sure why I feel moved to say all this right now. It’s been on my mind. I would love to see more ways come to fruition of exploring this border zone.


Some great suggestions here!

@gonecaving - I think that’s an awesome idea…that is work exploring further and would fit very well with this idea…

Id like to see what tehn thinks of this

@misuba - I read an interview with Oliver gillet from mutable instruments and he was asked which module he wish he had thought of and his reply was teletype (but using forth not Polish notation)

It’s incredible what this little module has grown into and what wants to now interface with it - er301, just friends, tetrapad (I think there are others)


Three cheers for Polish notation!

:notes: :poland: :speech_balloon:


Is tetrapad integration a thing yet? AFAIK it’s got a connector so it’s a possible future implementation, but nothing real yet.


I wouldn’t call it a full-blown boycott but had avoided most of his tools cause of some past comments about monome devices that didn’t sit well with me

I would love to read that interview if you find it (or recall who conducted the interview)

on topic this is a great idea!

It’s an AMA. Here it is.

It was already referenced in this post.

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Whatever you’ll end up making, it seems interesting to me… always into learning more about the Teletype and right now it feels like I’m using less than 10% of what I could do with it (not that I have to use 100% though).
This said, another possible approach could be to do something like the Junto project, but specific for the Teletype.


I can relate to that 10% figure. I feel like I have a fair grasp of TTv1.0, some grasp of the Tx commands, and have completely failed to keep up with the TT/grid and other v2.0 developments.

So any thoughts on how we get the ball rolling?

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I’m hopeful that once the Teletype VCV Rack is running super smoothly we can do a Junto that brings people up to speed on it.


Teletype VCV!! Seriously?? This would be so awesome as I often find myself scribbling TT scripts at work :slight_smile: