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Yep, it was a typo for “slew”…


Started making a Trigger Riot-ish scene on Teletype. The first 4x4 of the tracker screen corresponds to the division knobs on the Trigger Riot module. You can feed a clock into input 1 or run it from the metro script. I’ll probably add probability in there next.

A + A 1 // keeps running count of clock pulses, x = col, y = row
L 0 3: Y I; SCRIPT 2
L 0 3: X I; SCRIPT 3

L 0 3: X I; Z 0; SCRIPT 4 // Z tells script 4 whether to output for a column or a row

L 0 3: Y I; Z 1; SCRIPT 5

IF EZ Z: TR.P + Y 1


you would still need a script to read from TXi and update TXo, so it would be quantized as well. using a fast rate trigger or metro and applying a slew on the output might get you close enough though.


That’s true. I guess I was imagining some sort of slew between two values that have an interval, rather than full real time slew of continuous changes. Now that I reread the original question I think I may have misinterpreted the request.

Agreed, a fast trigger or M and slew on the TXo output would be pretty close.


is there a command to say that in one line?



Use a loop.

L 1 4: to.cv i vv rand 800

Edit: i am not near my teletype, so i don’t know if thats too long or not.


thanks! it works :ok_hand:

edit: i was missing the I


Ok newbie alert, how do you add a value to a pattern using the input jack? or is it at all possible? All I 'd like to achieve is entering note values straight from a keyboard via a midi to cv converter, cheers!


Definitely possible (like almost everything with TT)

I’m not with mine at the mo but I recommend getting familiar with the pattern ops to understand how they work first.

Then you can create a script which is triggered by a gate signal from your keyboard which reads the cv input from your keyboard. You may have to introduce a bit of a delay (eg ‘DEL 76: …)as the Teletype reads IN slower than triggers but this is pretty much resolved in the coming update. Set this script to add the cv value to the next index in the active pattern.

Sorry that’s not super prescriptive but hopefully gives you an idea about how to approach it!


Thanks @ghost I’ll try that but what do you do when you want to enter values straight into the tracker?at the moment the only way I found was either enter the value manualy or set it with a combination of the knob + alt or shift


Maybe I don’t understand exactly what you mean? But here is a simple way:

Connect keyboard gate to Trigger 1 and keyboard CV to IN.

Script 1:


You might also want to set the length of the pattern and make it wrap. There are lots of different ops for editing and reading patterns in all sorts of ways:



Hi @ghost, I suppose I was mainly trying to achieve data entry in the tracker without having to type value in, I was hoping I could do that by reading the input but I haven’t found any ways to do it!


I don’t have a Teletype so I can’t donfirm 100% but I think that’s exactly what he’s doing with that line.
Reading the CV input value and assigning it to the variable at the next index in the pattern…


yeah sorry if it’s confusing, i’m just getting started with TT, I though that it might have been more straightforward to assign some sort of key stroke in tracker mode that would make the TT listen to the input and assign its value to the selected entry without having to “waste” a script to do that. maybe I’m dreaming :slight_smile: anyways thanks heaps for your input guys much appreciated.


everything in TT happens as a reaction to triggers. being it a trigger on one of the trigger inputs, or the metro, which is basically a repetitive trigger, or now also with grid, or the keyboard script trigger shortcut, or the SCRIPT command.

if you want continuous polling of cv, you can use a very fast metro with that statement above.


@madeinspace I don’t think the feature you want exists, but it‘s an interesting idea! Basically when you’re in the tracker mode you want to be able to hold down a key that will read the IN and set it to the currently highlighted value in a pattern?


Yes! Exactely, could that be a reasonable feature request?


Seems reasonable to me, I can imagine that being useful to a lot of people when trying to fill in a pattern with note values. I’ve follow the development as an observer, so I don’t know the technical limitations of the codebase, but it seems pretty trivial compared to some of the more complex features that have been added recently (like the turtle op or grid integration).

I think the biggest decision would be what key combination should we use :laughing:

@sliderule @scanner_darkly Has something like this been considered before?


i don’t think this was requested before but it would be a useful addition, especially since you can already do it for the param knob (by pressing CTRL). so maybe ALT for this one?


Sounds good @scanner_darkly :slight_smile: