Teletype codex: community github script repository

Given all these awesome TT scripts, especially the ones that are good utilities/generic (rather than specific compositions), would anyone be interested in a community Github repo for TT scripts? A nice little library that we can all contribute to, fork, modify, etc…

I’m happy to set it up if there’s interest.

mod edit august 2017: this repo is now on github; ask for write access in this thread.


worthy of the group. i can add anyone who wants an invitation!


Yes! Please add me and I can get us started. I’m emenel on Github.

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Me too please! Many many thanks to all those sharing!!

@kali_yuga what’s your github name?

that would be rad! dndrks


Thank you Brian!

mhetrick on github. Thanks!

great idea, please add me as well: scanner-darkly

we should come up with some way to organize it - just some broad categories should probably be sufficient? and use github wiki to document it?

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I’d like to be added as well
I’m andersskibsted on github

Thanks, @tehn! I got the invitation, but it looks like I can’t create a repository in the group. I’m happy to initialize it and create a basic structure if you can give me permissions.

if someone can add me too

@emenel done!

everyone else, invited

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It’s alive!

I added some initial categories to get us started, but feel free to add more or change them if needed. Any can also contribute to the Readme in any of the categories or for the whole repo.


please add

Could you add me: genericwoods


I haven’t managed a community repo before, so any tips from @tehn or anyone else who has are welcome!

I think the way this generally works is that we can add people as contributors and you can push directly (yes?), or you can fork the repo and if there’s something you want us to include in the main one you can issue a pull request and I’ll merge it in. Does that sound right to everybody?

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DrewskyH on github please :blush:

ah! this is exactly what i’ve been hoping for :slight_smile:

please add, i’m kedromelon on github

I’d like to be added as well, thanks!
chrisharrisx on github