(Teletype) CV from Ansible while running Kria on TT

It would be great to be able to access the CV (and TR) outputs of Kria on Ansible on Teletype. I would especially like to be able to sequence Just Type Synthesis mode using Kria, but I think there are probably a lot of applications for reading the Kria outputs directly on a Teletype.


I don’t know if this belongs here, but I just got a grid/ansible combo and I would really like to be able to access the CV coming out of Ansible while Kria is running on TT. It seems like there are already commands for this when Ansible is running as a TT expander so maybe its a pretty straightforward add?


I admit to not fully understanding this feature, so I hope I did it justice in the title.

I did a little reading up on the Ansible firmware and I ~think~ I’m up for making this modification myself. I successfully got the toolchain installed and built the firmware from the git repo.

I’m wondering if there is anyone that could answer a few questions I have over PM :grimacing:


I’m all ears. Shoot me a PM!

Update: I successfully implemented the KR.CV op!

Edit: (also threw in ME.CV for good measure)


Nice - will it be implemented in the main firmware too in some future?

I hope so! I submitted a pull request for libavr32: https://github.com/monome/libavr32/pull/29

Once that is merged, I can do the same for my teletype and ansible changes.

If you want to take a walk on the wild side, here are the builds:

teletype.hex (351.6 KB)
ansible.hex (225.7 KB)



I don’t understand github and the pulp request stuff but I might try the wild side files when I don’t need my current Ansible presets anymore…


Though my teletype is yet to arrive and I have only a hazy understanding of its work flow, this is the kind of feature I would be really excited about. Being able to use melodic information from other modules to inform teletype sequences/Just Type kind of blows my mind.

Being able to access Earthsea pitch CV output would likewise be so great, though I understand at present that there are no TT commands that can read Earthsea

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No, but teletype has a CV input…


Of course it does! Fantastic

its pretty straightforward… you give it an argument for which track you want to read the CV for and it returns it.

you’ll need my version of the Ansible firmware, which is not quite yet in an official release. I posted a .hex in another thread a few days ago, but if you wait a little longer, i’ve got a hot new feature cooking :wink:


The thing to know is that updating your Ansible firmware will nuke all your presets :frowning:

It returns the number you should send off to a CV output or a JF vox if thats the case… i.e. something between 0 and 16384. Not something you should use with V, VV or N lookup tables.

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KR.CV rules!

Any chance of MID.CV ?


Oh man I’d really love MID.CV – would be great to build up patterns full of pitches played recently, and create semi-randomized harmonies with TT’s CV outputs. I’ve tried doing something like this in the past, but I think I’ve had issues where the CV lagged the trigger input.

Also MID.MOD, MID.VEL, & MID.AFT if I’m not being too needy :speak_no_evil: