Teletype display glitch

anyone experience display glitches or artifacts? i hadn’t seen anything like this until this morning:

possibly related to rapid polling?

sorry to hear about the glitch
but somebody please tell me this can be turned into an intentional notation/display mechanism

edit: what I initially thought were morse dot streams appear to be truncated terminals

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hah yeah!

the top glitch was a remnant from the scene description page.

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I’ve never used the Teletype specifically, but generally when I’ve had problems like that with OLED displays it’s because of noise or a bad connection on the SPI pins to the display module.

did this just start with 1.4.0?

nay, i’m still running 1.3.2

I’ve had some display glitches starting with 1.3.2 as well, mostly like your second photo.

Me too. Similar glitches on 1.3.2
Might they go away if I update to 1.4?

any chance you guys are seeing some sort of regularity as to when this happens? or totally random?

i’m sure there is a pattern. i’ll keep an eye out.

I’ll pay more attention.

…just updated my tt to the prebuilt 1.4.0 firmware and I noticed a similar bit of display glitching while scrolling through the presets. I haven’t done any deeper investigation and I can’t say if is started somewhere in the 1.3.x series as I have been running a custom build until now.

fwiw, no glitching on Telex version of 1.3.2.

I haven’t been able to reproduce them at will. If there’s a pattern, it’s not an apparent one.

From around 1.3.1 or 1.3.2 I noticed the glitches happening fairly randomly when browsing through scenes or sometimes moving through busy scripts…