Teletype Disting EX integration

thread for beta testing and discussion of teletype / disting ex integration.

general thread on disting
teletype 3.2+ feature discussion thread

disting ex supports i2c and can be connected to teletype for direct i2c control of various aspects. up to 4 units can be supported. with the firmwares posted in this thread you will be able to:

  • load and save presets
  • select algorithms
  • control any parameters on single algorithms
  • send MIDI from teletype (using MIDI breakout)
  • control Select Bus devices
  • trigger notes on SD Multisample and SD Triggers algorithms

it’s not currently possible to select or control double algorithms - this might get added in the future. the ops are not finalized yet and might change based on the feedback in this thread. more MIDI ops could be added if there is a good use case, and dedicated Select Bus ops could be added for things like loading presets etc (yes, this means you can use teletype as a preset manager for SB enabled modules!).

the list of ops
dev branch
disting ex i2c spec

some video demos:

playing notes
triggering drums
more notes
trigger sequencer grid teletype scene
sequencing machinedrum
controlling digitone 1
controlling digitone 2


updating teletype firmware will erase your presets!! save to USB first.
teletype firmware is based on the latest official release 3.2

disting ex: starting with v1.3
teletype: Teletype 3.2+ feature requests and discussions


I dont have time for this and family!
Thanks @scanner_darkly :clap:

Edited: any chance of sharing those teletype scenes?



yeah i’ll post some once i have a chance to clean them up a bit.
here are some ops you can try for immediate fun:

EX.P parameter value
set specified parameter to value - you can select folders and samples this way too!

EX.ALG algo
select algorithm

EX.VOX voice pitch velocity
trigger a note - works with both SD Multisample and SD Triggers

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And here I thought I was going to use my “skip a Disting” card this time…

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Maybe next time :slight_smile: this i2c devices just keep on coming…

i’m rethinking my use of er-301 - i realized i simply used it as a sample player but it’s probably not really a good fit for it (unless you perhaps use a custom unit) - changing samples was fiddly especially when you have 8 voices. it’s so nice to have an i2c controllable sample player - especially since you can change folders (and in case of SD Triggers, samples) from teletype itself.

and there is a lot of things to explore yet - being able to sequence MIDI with teletype, a 6x4 matrix mixer (i need to do a grid teletype scene for this!), a tape loop delay fully controllable from teletype etc etc…

the fact that it comes with i2c pullups also means you can create a very playable micro system with just ansible and disting (once we update ansible firmware to support disting). how about kria with piano samples? (and i’m planning to add disting support to orca’s heart and polyearthsea next).


This sounds amazing! Wasn’t planning on a DistingEx but now it seems I need to. Thanks!!!

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As there are 2 continous, rastered and 2 min/max without rastering encoders on the Disting may I “miss-use” all those for other control usage in the ecosystem with
EX.PARAM param
And is EX.CTRL controller value used for midi cc then?

Maybe I should get a disting ex when the dust settles…

I’m so overjoyed to see this. Sincere thanks. Finally select bus recall sequencing from Teletype is in reach (once I track down an EX that is). I have a bunch of mungo modules which will just love this.


True, this would free up ER-301 CPU for higher and better use cases than simple sample playback.

I’ve always liked the distings and have a mk3 and 4, but I do kind of notice the larger my Eurorack system grows, the less I use them, which I suspect is just due to the menu diving and remembering what the inputs, outputs, and knobs do for each algo.

I was almost sold with the usability improvements brought by the EX LCD, and the slick auto sample recorder/poly sample player combo. This ii implementation is already looking extremely robust though, and I think this is going to push me over the edge when they become available.

Just curious - how fast do the presets change on the EX? This looks to me like you could effectively sequence a complete module (algo) swap with teletype.

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This looks very cool! Good thing I now have a Disting EX and a Teletype :slight_smile:

no, EX.PARAM sets the specified parameter directly - mappings are not involved. to assign knobs/buttons/CV inputs/i2c controllers (faderbank) to parameters you have to do it on the disting itself - check the documentation on mappings. you can’t control mappings from teletype.

EX.CTRL sets values for i2c controllers - you still have to map them to parameters on the disting. so if you map a parameter (or more) to an i2c controller, you can then change the controller value with this op and it will change the mapped parameters.

to send a MIDI CC, you will need a MIDI breakout and you can use EX.M.CC op.

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it’s pretty fast, but i think there is some delay, especially if you switch to a preset with SD Multisample or Triggers algo since it will need to load samples.

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i’ve posted the complete disting ex i2c specification here:


updated the documentation, forgot to include the EX1:EX4: modifiers - they are handy when you have more than one unit and want to send something to another unit without having to use EX to switch to it and then switch back to the main unit. so instead of doing something like:

EX 2; EX.P 7 30; EX 1

you can do:

EX2: EX.P 7 30

and here is a super simple one liner script to use the param knob to control any parameter on disting:

EX.PV [parameter you want to control] PARAM

place it in metro script and adjust rate until it’s smooth enough!


I don’t have a TT but just got a Crow, will these disting commands also be addressable via Crow? It will be interesting to see what’s possible with Crow + Ansible + dEX.

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Well, if you’re ever thinking of letting that 301 go, pretty sure I can make room for it! :wink: (no, seriously, I’d buy that in a heartbeat. Hahah).

Until I get my hands on a 301, a potential DX like this would be a great way to see if TT continues to have space in my rack. Thanks for the amazing tools as always!!!

yes, should be technically possible. not sure if you can send arbitrary i2c messages from crow now, if not, hopefully somebody will add proper support to crow.

not likely :slight_smile: i think there is still much to explore in er-301, especially being able to control 100 parameters via i2c. i need to treat it more as a complex patch instead of a collection of simpler voices.


20 characters of Worth a shot :wink:

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