Teletype Disting EX integration

Oh wow. Maybe it’s my lack of imagination but all I’m really interested in is;
-Save current select bus state.
-Load select bus state / preset.

Just with those two ops you could create a select bus state sequencer, or map FX changes over the course of a performance. I suppose in an ideal world some kind of way of morphing between states would be the thing! Whether that’s possible I have no idea.

Sorry to pepper you with questions but is there any reason I couldn’t use an EX algorithm (ie matrix mixer), whilst simultaneously changing state via TT? Would be powerful to sequence routings too.


the spec mentions these:

recall a setting / preset (i suppose they mean the same thing?)
store one setting
store current bank

so i could add 3 ops for that. something like:

EX.SB.PRE preset
EX.SB.SAVE preset

does that work?

re: morphing - the spec mentions morph/mutate functionality, so that could be supported as long as it’s supported by the actual devices (say, disting ex only supports loading and saving presets as far as i know).

is there any reason I couldn’t use an EX algorithm (ie matrix mixer), whilst simultaneously changing state via TT

you can definitely send MIDI ops while running any single algo, i imagine it’s possible for select bus as well.


Wonderful !! Not completely sure how the save bank would work in practice but the other 2 are perfect.

Will investigate whether the mungo’s morph. I wonder how that would that be implemented… another op?

I’ve got to say I’m so grateful. Thank you.

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disting ex support has now been merged into the latest “official” beta firmware posted here: Teletype 3.2+ feature requests and discussions

@Ravel - i ended up not including the discussed SB ops as the select bus spec is not super clear. once you have disting, let me know and i can work with you on designing the proper ops.


using the looper algorithm to imitate steve reich’s piano phase but with 4 pianos. disting #1 is the sound source, disting #2 is running the looper algo, both are controlled from teletype via i2c. i start recording all 4 loops simultaneously but each stop is delayed by 20ms.


posted new beta here: Teletype 3.2+ feature requests and discussions

it includes new dedicated ops for the looper algorithm which is coming in v1.4. until the official version is out you can grab the disting ex beta here - also includes a super handy feature for teletype users, the ability to jump to the last parameter changed via i2c! and there is a couple of other new algorithms :slight_smile:

new ops:

EX.LP loop
get current loop state
0 - initial state
1 - recording
2 - recording extra material for crossfade
3 - playback
4 - overdub
5 - paused / muted
6 - fading out towards pause

EX.LP.REC loop
toggle recording

toggle playback

EX.LP.CLR loop
clear loop

EX.LP.REV loop
toggle reverse

EX.LP.REV? loop
check if reversed (1 - reversed, 0 otherwise)

toggle octave down

EX.LP.DOWN? loop
check if octave down (1 - down, 0 otherwise)

with these ops and with the MIDI in ops now also included in the teletype beta, you can build your own custom looper!

of course, grid also makes for a great controller - and you can have visual feedback:

(will post the script once i get a chance to clean it up a bit).


Now that my DIY teletype is working I need to connect it to my disting EX. Expert Sleepers may never (I’m guessing) produce the midi expander modules so I made my own I2C and MIDI type A or B panel with $10 of parts. Hope I got the wiring right!


is the midi expander out of production? this is a really neat 2hp expander though!

Not formally, but Expert Sleepers don’t tend to their backcatalogue very diligently. I doubt any more will ship, but since the A type TRS has gone standard, maybe they shouldn’t bother.

I heard from CTRL a few weeks ago that they were getting some breakouts, so they at least a few are filtering out. I ended up getting a MIDIXO instead because it fits into 2HP. Love the design on your DIY expander.

Much as I hate to damp down enthusiastic speculation, I can confirm that the Expert Sleepers MIDI breakout is alive and well and will be restocking soon.


1.4 firmware has been officially released and includes 2 new algos, dream machine and filter bank:

of particular interest for people using teletype integration:

  • Added the Looper ‘Octave down’ function.
  • Added Looper-specific i2c messages.
  • Added settings to enable automatic switching of the current parameter to the one being changed by MIDI or i2c.
  • Fixed a problem where parameters changed by i2c would not immediately take effect.

I am very excited to see this! I’ll put it on a couple of my “notify me” watchlists!

I’ve not been able to spend any quality time with my modular recently (dealing with the awfulness of the start of teaching in a pandemic in my university), but I really want to get on board with all the updates to Teletype and Disting EX ASAP. Quick question: with the current setup can I control any of the algorithms over i2c from teletype (e.g. controlling the volume of each voice in the dream machine) or does there need to be specialised ops written for each algorithm?

EDIT: I just realised that if this is possible then the Disting running the Matrix mixer, plus teletype and just friends could make a pretty extraordinary quadraphonic generatively panning drone machine in very few HP! (Apologies if this is all old news :slight_smile:


you can control anything that is listed as a parameter for any single algorithm (double algorithms currently do not support i2c control) using the following ops:

EX.PARAM param value (alias EX.P)

this will set the specified parameter to the exact value provided. you can also get the current value for a parameter with this op.

EX.PV param value

is similar to the above, but it expects value to be in the 0…16384 range and it will scale it automatically to the range available for the specified parameter. this is handy to use if you’re mapping the knob or the CV input (or faderbank values), so you could do something like EX.PV param IN.

EX.CTRL controller value

this ops sets the specified i2c “controller” value - this is useful if instead of controlling parameters directly you want to use i2c to parameter mappings, especially if you already have i2c mappings set up for faderbank.

some parameters act as switches with actions triggered when a parameter changes from 0 to 1 (like augustus loop tap tempo, for instance). for this parameters you’ll want to do something like EX.P .. 1; EX.P .. 0

there are also algorithm specific parameters - they are either for things not available as parameters (like augustus loop pitch) or for things that would likely be used often, like looper ops. looper ops also can give you the current state for the mode / reverse / octave down, which are not available as parameters.

i definitely think there are some pretty amazing things possible with teletype integration!


Apologies if this isn’t the place for it, I’m new here, but I’ve been experiencing constant i2c dropouts since adding the disting EX to my teletype setup. Previously I had been using the txo and txi expanders with no issues but since adding the disting I’ve encountered many situations where all expanders stop responding. The dropouts usually occur when I start trying to process incoming cv through the txi expander which works fine if the disting isn’t connected.

I initially thought the problem would be solved by using a powered busboard but attaching the TT busboard to the back of the teletype makes no difference. I also have a diy teletype which I think is the later board revision anyway. I’ve also checked the pull up resistors and I only have 1 set active as I understand there are a pair on the disting too. My total cable run for all 3 modules is about 45cm which should be ok from what I understand.

Is there anything else I could try?

try disabling pullups on the disting. also the cable length might play a role, try placing the modules closer to each other.

I have the pull-ups disabled on the disting and the total length of cable across all 3 modules is a touch under 16 inches. I’m not sure I could make any shorter while still fitting it in my rack.

I feel like I’ve also used the 2 expanders with way more cable in the past.

Could it be possible that I’m just throwing too many calculations at it?

the number of messages will play some role but it comes down to i2c bus being unstable. have you tried it with the pull ups on the disting enabled? other than that i’m afraid it comes down to just trying different configurations.

Am I right in assuming that the diy teletype board that pusherman are selling won’t require a TT busboard to speak to 3 devices?