Teletype docs enhancements (docs and cheatsheet live)


just wanted to check in, sadly i’ve had a really hectic week at work.

i’ll be able to dig into the intro stuffs this wknd / next wk


Same here, last week was super busy. Things are starting to slow down though. Getting back to working through these enhancements.


sorry to say my super busy week has turned into most of a month. still thinking about this in the background. hopefully next wk will be a little lighter


Alrightee, I think a first pass is good to go! I’ve pinged y’all for review/merge into the repo if y’all think it’s cool @sam @tehn.

The other enhancement I realized that could be cool is a download link to the latest PDF version of the doc within the HTML docs. We can figure out how to do that once we figured out the best way to get these onto (or however we want to get these online!).

@tambouri Did you get any cycles to look at some of the intro stuff? Totally cool if not, just checking!


As a feedback: Could it be that the links from the table of contents do not work right? I don’t get to the topics I am aiming for…


Thanks for checking out the work!

I’m assuming you mean that when you click a link in the TOC, it doesn’t anchor that section to the top of the content area.

Let me see if I can reproduce.


Yes, exactly that - thanks for checking this!


With my latest changes, I can’t reproduce this issue in Chrome, Firefox or Safari on my mac (checked to make sure resizing the browser didn’t cause issues too). For example, here’s what I get when I click earthsea:

Any ideas (edit: any ideas to get a reproduce scenario I mean…it could be useful to know a specific browser/os, get a screenshot of what you’re seeing, etc.)?


@leverkusen did just realize that I had posted an older version of the html version earlier and you might have been using that…here is the newest html version. Would you mind trying it to see if you still see the issue?

teletype.html (527.0 KB)

You made need to do a hard refresh to get these changes to show up (command + shift + r on the mac…I think control + shift + r on windows).


this looks spectacular! merged, thank you very much. i’ll get these into the

TOC links work fine for me, opera on macos

are there any other immediately pending changes? what was @tambouri working on?

depending on how quickly we can confirm 2.1 perhaps i’ll be able to get that in there as well.


Oh, I am using the pdf that comes within the downloaded firmware folder - did I get something wrong here or mix it up? When I click on Earthsea there I get to Meadowphysics…


i could otherwise just have a PDF link on right next to the main link to the HTML version?


Nice. There a few funny indents in the Sub Commands examples.

In terms of future enhancements, I think it might be nice to have links out to the relevant sections of the Teletype Studies (and expand on those to cover the full set of ops).


@jlmitch5 @tehn

I was midway through the intro before work picked up and I fell off. I can dig back in, seeing the rest of this coming together is pretty damn inspiring


Totally understand! Listening to the latest SOUND + PROCESS podcast was what got me moving in the direction of picking this back up. So thanks for that @Dan_Derks and @stripes!


Will check that out this evening, thanks for bringing it up.

That works perfect!

Sounds good. After running the make command, the teletype.html file embeds all other static content so it’s all you’ll need (pandoc embeds the css and all that into that file so you shouldn’t have to include them.

If you can come up with an easy manual process for pushing these up, I think that should probably be sufficient for now. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of bug-fix/enhancement activity in between big release pushes, so automating the deployment using Travis might be overkill for now.

Ah gotcha, I was looking at the HTML version so was very confused as to what it could be, hah. I didn’t really touch the PDF generation side of things (it’s basically just the defaults of the tool (Pandoc) we are using to generate that. I can take a look this evening to see if it’s anything obvious though.


i’m happy to do it manually. i think these updates will be infrequent enough that it is hardly a chore. setting up an automated system, on the other hand, will probably not result in an overall time savings


back onto this.

setting up to pandoc toolchain and i’m stuck at xelatex. i gathered the solution was to install mactex, but the mactex.pkg is really 3 gigabytes? really?

in the meantime i’ll work on getting the html all fixed up.


Sadly yes. Welcome to the world of LaTeX!


I think I remember there was a lot of dependency junk to wade through…if you can use brew I’d probably just do that.