Teletype docs enhancements (redesign in progress)


just wanted to chime in and say thank you for these changes. the iOS fix in particular is really nice.


just a note there is a PR up to fix the PDF table rendering that I broke


looks like page up / page down buttons don’t work in firefox (edge and chrome seem to be fine). could somebody try with firefox to confirm it’s not my local issue?

unrelated request, would it be possible to add shortcut for keybindings to the menu?


Sure–what do you have in mind?


there is Keys section ( - i think it would be good to have a separate menu item for it on the left for quick navigation, as it’s something used often.


O gotcha–for some reason I thought you meant adding shortcuts to the web docs themsevles, heh.

That seems fairly easy. I’m already doing some manual hacking to display certain things in specific ways in there, so I think adding another one shouldn’t be too difficult. Will add to my todos (or if someone wants to take a stab at it, happy to help guide).