Teletype-EarthSea data read

Hey guys.
So I’m trying out my new modules (TT, ES, MP). And I wondered if TT could not only send data to the others but also read it. Like if I am in arpeggio mode on the ES, could the TT read the root note to send it to one of it’s output (like CV 1).
Thanks for your help!

Edit: Or even better would it be possible via a TT command to assign the root note to one of the 3 CV output of the ES?
Or even, I think of it now, Could the MP clock be the masterclock of all the monome modules?

At present, communication between TT and the trilogy modules over II is unidirectional. That is, TT can send data to the other modules, but not receive. We’ve definitely discussed adding bidirectional communication in a future update, but don’t yet have a timeline for when that will be.

Regarding your final suggestion about using MP as the master clock, this should be possible right now. Use the clock output from MP and attach it a TT input. In the corresponding script, you can then send clock signals to ES & WW to keep them all synchronized together. Of course, MP can directly clock WW as well by attaching MP’s clock out to WW’s clock in. The real trick here is in using the II commands to keep ES also synchronized.

Hey guys, reading this now, pardon my ignorance if it was already discussed (i was out for some time and couldn’t follow closely) the module that was going to be released and that allowed ES to be clocked was TT i guess…

Thanks for your precise answer and your wonderful work by the way!! Then I’m looking forward on these possible updates. Is there a thread to discuss the wanted implements on all of your modules so i could add some of my ideas onto it?

Yeah Teletype allows you to clock you ES.