Teletype ergonomics - firmware fix?

Actually, on further thought… maybe “DEVICE” might be a better prefix than “SCREEN”? That was it leaves open options for further changes to basic functionality, such as reordering inputs etc? Just a thought…


yeah, i like DEVICE.FLIP better, since it’s not just the screen that is flipped.

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ok, let’s see if this works! i only had limited time to test so please keep your eyes open for any strangeness.

the op is DEVICE.FLIP, no parameters, as the name implies it’ll flip the current state. inputs/outputs are flipped as well. it will remember the state between power downs.

warning: installing firmware will remove your presets - make sure to save them to a USB drive first! (166.0 KB)
teletype.hex (562.5 KB)

this version also includes the fix for vortex keyboards.



Thank you so much for this! I’ll test this this weekend. Looking forward to not having to peer at my screen through the cables!

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@scanner_darkly, you rock. :slight_smile:

Is this 3.0 final, plus these new features?

An operator which flips the io jacks? Betcha $5 someone uses it to make a weirdo sequencer…


yep, it’s the official 3.0 release plus the fix for vortex keyboards and DEVICE.FLIP
it’ll display TELETYPE 3.0 FLIP when you boot it up.

especially if you use DEVICE.FLIP in one of your scripts :slight_smile:


The good news:

DEVICE.FLIP flipped my screen upside down.

The bad news:

DEVICE.FLIP again does not seem to switch it back.

Tried a power cycle and tried to issue the op again but I’m still upside down.

EDIT: Please disregard the italicized bad news. I was typing DEVICE.FLIP into one of the scripts instead of the immediate command window. Apparently I don’t read so well upside down. :slight_smile: Seems to be good, and I’ll do some more testing.



super tempted to change it so that to flip it back you have to type PILF.ECIVED


Here’s the correct way to mount a teletype in a vertical case. Not a single cable in the way. Bliss. Thank you @scanner_darkly !


Pretty happy with with my tt in a vertical case in the bottom row as is, but thank you so much having made this an option!!

Just flipped mine over and it works like a charm. Thanks scanner_darkly !

But I need to stick a reminder to back up my scenes at the top of my “how to update” text file :expressionless: So much for my attempt to impersonate Ryoji Ikeda… :wink:

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Yep - me too. I think my scenes sound better the second time around though :wink:

sorry about that! i’ll make sure to include the usual warning whenever i post a new firmware.

No need to apologise! I would’ve done it even with a warning. I think I’m beyond the critical age where I can ever learn that I should back up before upgrading anything :slight_smile:


Also want to report that the new firmware did solve the problems with my Vortex keyboard missing key presses etc.
Works like a charm!

Thank you!

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I try the DEVICE.FLIP command but that don’t flip the screen… :thinking:

EDIT: I update the firmware
all work fine
thank you!!!

it’s not in the official 3.0 release (it was added after), are you using a beta posted here: Teletype 3.+ feature requests and discussion?

EDIT: I update the firmware
all work fine
thank you!!!