(Teletype) expanding scripts: length and amount

Ok, thanks! Totally understandable and cool, but still a bit of a pity…

to confirm, i have no plans on working on this.

Had my TT for about a week now and I’m starting to see both sides of the discussion here. I can easily envision myself wanting expanded capability to support I2C devices I own as well as having some use cases for expanded scripts… but I don’t want it to be a weak-ass replacement for a laptop and Expert Sleepers device. I have those and there’s a reason I don’t reach for them first.

Just throwing a different idea against the wall: what about an actual hardware expansion? Something that focuses on the UI needs of managing and navigating an expanded scripting space. I’ve had an Er-301 for about a week now and the way it uses two screens and button groupings for general and focused editing has already created some nice muscle memory.

The most basic idea is a 128x128 OLED with a couple buttons that enables some extra keyboard controls when connected.

EDIT: this is probably too far out there, but a debugging mode like javascripts Redux console in Chrome is an interesting thought to me at the moment.

Twenty characters of SCENE.G! :+1:

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It’s late here and I’m sure I’ve missed something, but I don’t see SCENE.G in the manual :slight_smile:

Thought a little bit deeper about it and came up with these identity statements:

it contains state
it navigates state
it recieves messages and logs them
it maps these messages to named regions of code
it creates new state
it shares state

SCENE.G is available in the current beta and allows calling another scene without resetting grid controls. This addresses the needs of people who’ve been bumping into script limits when using grid ops to design custom grid apps on Teletype. There has been some discussion and work done some time ago toward adding a UI around USB disk scene storage, to my knowledge it hasn’t been worked on in some time but I’m interested in looking into it again (at some point). You may also be interested in what is known so far about crow. Exciting times!


I’m not fond of the idea of shadow scripts and adding new OPs to deal with them. If you add shadow scripts named 1s through 8s and update the existing OPs to handle the new script names that would be ok. I also think having more scripts (9-32/64) would be nice. You could access them slowly using [, ] or quickly using the param nob.

I ran into memory limits when I went past 15 or 16 scripts (including metro and init). You’d have to reduce the number of scenes to make it fit.

How did you have more than 8/10 scripts?

Modifying the firmware. It’s open source, so you can do whatever you want, but the hardware will only do so much.

If you’re up to compiling your own firmware, I put a patch (not my work, just implemented from textual description in another thread) here (runs great here, use at own risk):


I’d be happy just to gain that last line in each script. Since there are 8 lines on the display, why not allow 7 lines of script? Does that empty line serve any purpose beyond a visual cue?

Changing SCRIPT_MAX_COMMANDS to 7 in state.h leads to…

LN      teletype.elf
/avr32-tools/lib/gcc/avr32/4.4.7/../../../../avr32/bin/ld: address 0x80086610 of teletype.elf section `.flash_nvram' is not within region `FLASH'
/avr32-tools/lib/gcc/avr32/4.4.7/../../../../avr32/bin/ld: address 0x80086610 of teletype.elf section `.flash_nvram' is not within region `FLASH'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
../libavr32/asf/avr32/utils/make/Makefile.avr32.in:459: recipe for target 'teletype.elf' failed
make[1]: *** [teletype.elf] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/target/module'
Makefile:24: recipe for target 'teletype.zip' failed
make: *** [teletype.zip] Error 2

The libavr32 stuff is above my pay grade though.

IIRC that means the flash memory size has been exceeded. TT is a tightly constrained system, where bytes of storage do matter…

I figured that’s what it’d mean, probably not helping that I’ve also got the 12-scripts mod.

Can anybody chime in on the experience with/stability of the 12-scripts mod? I’m thinking it could be useful to move some scripts that don’t need input triggers to the extra four and free up those triggers for nicer stuff. Gaining some lines (no pun intended) is also a big benefit of course…

I’ve been running the 16_scripts_24_scenes patch since October, no problem at all here.

I haven’t used the 12 scripts patch for a long time, just tried applying it now to current git, threw a few error, should be fixed now…

I just now made a patch that gives 16 scripts of 7 lines in 23 scenes (untested), if you’re up for testing that :slight_smile:


Thanks! I think I’ll try the 12-one for now, don’t want to spoil myself with too many scripts :joy: Let’s see how that goes!

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To anyone running the 16_scripts_24_scenes patch: I’ve made a few fixes over the last couple of days:

  • fixed a bug where switching scene or saving scene would jump to PRM knob pos without touching the knob
  • names on the tt are now displayed as 11-18 (not the akward A,B,C,D,E,F,H,J), although the akward names are still used when reading/writing to USB stick
  • shortcuts shift-alt + F1-F8 now jumps to editing scripts 11-18 (like alt + F1-F8 normally jumps to editing scripts 1-8

NB: These changes are not in the 12 scripts patch…


I have the urge to try this out even though I have yet to run out of scripts!


I absolutely always have to run grid or sub scripts in shadow to not occupy an input, even though I hardly make use of all 8 inputs :smile: keeps me “sane”

@a773 thank you for sharing your mods!