Teletype firmware 2.0.0 (released 18th July 2017)

Jeeze, @sam, two babies in one week! Congrats, and thanks for your hard work!

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@jlmitch5 and @capleniz thanks for your input, I’ve opened up a new PR for the PDF tweaks, the Latex errors were not just the font paths, but also missing new lines at the end of the latex_preamble file.

Thanks everyone for the kind words…

Continuing on from what @bpcmusic and @scanner_darkly mentioned about the under the hood stuff…

One of the biggest invisible things that’s changed is the modularisation of the front end / UI code. This should hopefully make it a lot easier to tweak or add new display modes to the Teletype.

Before I share some of the ideas I’ve had, firstly the USB loading and saving code does need to be rewritten before much else can be done. I’ve sketched out how I think it should be done (separate the pure parts from the impure, I can talk about it more if someone wants to volunteer to do the work?), once that’s done I think we should reduce the number of scene description lines to 16 (from 32) to free up some more flash.

Otherwise interesting new features…

  • Increase the number of pattern from 4 to 8. The pattern editor code is on it’s own in one file, so it should be quite straightforward to do this. We’d probably want to add a permanent set of row headers if we did and it would look a bit too much like a spreadsheet… (An extra 4 patterns is almost exactly the same amount of flash as reducing the scene description by 16 lines.)

  • A settings mode. Just to allow you to make some global behavioural changes, ideas include:

    • PARAM, IN and CV calibration data
    • Remap CAPSLOCK to CTRL (this one is just for me!)
    • Switch A, B, C and D to defaulting to 0, rather than 1-4

    Personally, only the first has real value, and in general I don’t like the idea of too much choice with these things.

  • An actually UI for USB disk load and saving, maybe an “are you sure” prompt, or even individual loading and saving of scenes. (Remember we can only use the param knob and the front panel button as the keyboard will be disconnected!)

Naturally I have no idea when I’d have time to do any of these things (if I ever do at all). But I’d be more than willing to help out with advice and guidance if anyone else wishes to volunteer.


Big +1 to that!!!

This would also be great! Also a way to update the firmware from an USB stick would be great, but I guess that would involve a lot more coding, wouldn’t it?

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So excited to try this out! As I consolidate my setup, the TT is becoming more and more central, and these new tweaks will help a lot.

Also, congrats on the amazing work from the community that went into this, and into maintaining and improving the whole Monome related module suite.

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Watching from the sideline. All this work is truly impressive.

I’m an occasional TT user and I probably wouldn’t utilize a fraction of what it’s capable of. But I’m so fascinated by the concept that I purchased a used one a while back. And I’m super impressed with what you wonderful humans come up with.

Hi fives and hugs! //Carl-Mikael

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That would be cool wouldn’t it. I think it’s technically possible but… not that straightforward. The Teletype usually executes it’s code from flash ROM, but if we’re about to overwrite the flash we can’t run code from there any longer! So we’d need to copy some code to RAM to run the updater, which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The other alternative is to try to add a second bootloader for flashing from USB stick (the first bootloader allows for flashing from USB cable and can’t be overwritten by end users). This is probably easier for us to do as the Aleph uses a similar technique except it uses SD cards instead of USB sticks.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s something that I’d want to do!

I don’t have a Teletype (yet) but this kind of things make me want one even more :slight_smile:.


This is fantastic!
Thank you to all involved: looking forward to digging in!

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very excited to dig into this. thx to all who made this happen, wow.

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On vacation right now, first time to dive into TT 2.0.0 – what can I say? This is awesome, such a huge leap, thank you so much for making all this happen!


I just updated today to V2. Backed up my presets before updated. After rebooting i tried installing my old presets. Read/Write works but Teletype overwrites and wiped my existing presets (i still have them saved on my computer so not 100% lost). Any workarounds for this? Seems like Teletype is writing first to usb before reading the usb.

did you delete the “s” at the end of the filename? reading works only if the file name is as such : tt??.txt

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No i didn’t and now i have and it works fine! Thanks for that. Much appreciated. Saved me alot of time having to retype everything :slight_smile:

hello, i have two request with teletype, two things i miss a lot since i used it :slightly_frowning_face:

with white whale, i would love to have a read position script, there’s actually only “cue to postion” (WW.POS) . with that, you will be able to synchronise trackers positions with white whale positions, So more CV OUT to white whale, it’s just an exemple…

and with ansible, i would love to be able to change the Edit position of LEVEL, like when you push buton 1 on the module.
actualy there’s only a read postion with LV.POS. So with that new script, you will be able to use walk instead of pushing this small button 1 on the module.

is it diifuculte to add thoes ? i don’t have any skill on coding…