Teletype freeze button

I’ve written this scene for teletype that generates more or less random values in a certain way.
Now I want to be able to send it a gate signal that makes it ignore all the trigger ins that makes it generate new random values.
Does anyone have an idea how to do that?
So far it receives some trigs that triggers random functions and increments a O variable, that when it reaches a certain value triggers other random functions.
Is there a way to make my teletype ignore inputs on certain scripts when gate high for example?
Sort of a “freeze all values” kinda thing.


I think there is MUTE x and UNMUTE x to do this with x being the trigger input you want to ignore. It is toggling though, no gate latch.

Great, thanks!
Couldn’t find them in the documentation, but this works.
I’ll just put them in the metro script and add a little IF logic and it works. The metro script should but fast enough for what I’m after.
Thank you for your help!

I am glad it helps - there is a keyboard short cut for toggling this too:


This sounds like a cool idea, if you have any footage of this in action I’d love to see it. I’m thinking I might write something similar, and use one of the Ansible buttons as a momentary ‘Freeze’ button.

I ended up just writting a small metroscript like

IF GT IN 500 : MUTE 1
IF GT IN 500 : MUTE 2

This way, with the metro running at fastest possible interval, it’ll check every 10 ms if i have gate high or low on the IN…
Not very elegant but it works for now


You know about the STATE command right? You can free up IN and just check the STATE of any of the trigger inputs

STATE x : the current state of a script trigger input (0/1 for low/high)

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Now i do! Thanks.
I did feel like that it was a bit of a shame to use the IN just for this.

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