Teletype hardware: open

now available: all schematics, boards, BOM, and mechanicals:

teletype has been a surprising and wonderful journey, with so many collaborators and collective ideas.

i’ve also lowered the price to $400 (we sell direct only).

hopefully we’ll continue to see typing keyboards plugged into synths long into the future :star:


Fires up Fusion and starts planning a custom faceplate…

I really appreciate people who open source products to this level. I’m interested to see what happens - mini Teletype maybe. A uType.


I was daydreaming the exact opposite- 4U with banana jacks (if that’s possible?).


I sold all my modular except for teletype - it got me thinking the other day about putting it in a case by itself because voltage doesn’t just have to be used for synths or modular.
I imagined an installation with teletype running at its core switching lights, running motors, bending meta-materials. Endless.

No doubt we will see that soon. Can’t wait to see a world with teletypes embedded in walls.

kudos team.


wow! just saw a teletype in real life recently and was wondering which OLED is used.

NHD-2.7-12864 is the OLED for teletype, norns, and aleph (slight variations in p/n)


Oki. Thanks! I guess p/n means different color?

yes, and norns uses a variant with a ribbon connector. norns-shield uses same as the TT, with different color (you can do yellow or white on either).

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Awesome! Thanks! (+some more characters to say thanks)

Does the gold colour screen have ribbon option? I would love that on my norns!

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wish fulfilled:


Hot dang! Talk about a fun way to get Modular Station visual and design consistency!!

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well, it’s certainly doable :smiley: