Teletype hardware: open

now available: all schematics, boards, BOM, and mechanicals:

teletype has been a surprising and wonderful journey, with so many collaborators and collective ideas.

i’ve also lowered the price to $400 (we sell direct only).

hopefully we’ll continue to see typing keyboards plugged into synths long into the future :star:


Fires up Fusion and starts planning a custom faceplate…

I really appreciate people who open source products to this level. I’m interested to see what happens - mini Teletype maybe. A uType.


I was daydreaming the exact opposite- 4U with banana jacks (if that’s possible?).


I sold all my modular except for teletype - it got me thinking the other day about putting it in a case by itself because voltage doesn’t just have to be used for synths or modular.
I imagined an installation with teletype running at its core switching lights, running motors, bending meta-materials. Endless.

No doubt we will see that soon. Can’t wait to see a world with teletypes embedded in walls.

kudos team.


wow! just saw a teletype in real life recently and was wondering which OLED is used.

NHD-2.7-12864 is the OLED for teletype, norns, and aleph (slight variations in p/n)


Oki. Thanks! I guess p/n means different color?

yes, and norns uses a variant with a ribbon connector. norns-shield uses same as the TT, with different color (you can do yellow or white on either).

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Awesome! Thanks! (+some more characters to say thanks)

Does the gold colour screen have ribbon option? I would love that on my norns!

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wish fulfilled:


Hot dang! Talk about a fun way to get Modular Station visual and design consistency!!

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well, it’s certainly doable :smiley:


Yes! Frac/Bugbrand please!

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This is wonderful! thanks for doing that! Any hints on how to get/load the bootloader?

there is no bootloader— the NMI pin loader process is built into the chip itself. just follow the flash instructions.

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Thanks for the reply! bootlader prebuilt that’s a beauty! Flashed it and works a charm, now straight into teletype studies, Thanks a lot tehn for sharing your work.


did you build one? how’d it go?

Very nice and smooth build, still missing spacers, screws and led diffusers. But yes here we go!


Did you print your own board or buy one? I’ve been waiting for Pusherman to put up their upcomming TXi and TXo boards.