Teletype hardware update


so to clarify, If I was going to connect a

•Just Friends

to the new teletype with two i2c headers in the back. I can,

Chain 2 together with a cable with 2 headers,
connect the last 1 with a single cable.


each 2x3 header actually can be two connections since each has 2x GND SCL SDA. so the new TT has 4 connections, but you can also just daisy-chain from Ansible or JF etc.

i highly suggest people just get these:

$2 gets you 8 or so sets of 3 cables. just be sure to line up the GND and you’re good.

but yes, your proposal would work also with two headers on one ribbon.


that makes sense. So could you use the 2x3 cable and just connect 3 of the pins on the header? or do you have to connect all 6 pins when using the 2x3 cable. Just got a bunch of 2x3 cables :smiley:


Alright, for all newbies here is some info. (Latest Teletype hardware with 2 I2C pins in the back. no BACKPACK)

I have connected

  • Mannequins W/
  • Mannequins Just Friends
  • Monome ANSIBLE

to the Teletype.

Cables I used is these suggested:

Here is my kit:

I had to use the 12inch cable to get from Teletype to JustFriends. Also had to use a 12inch to get from JustFriends to W/

6inch was enough to get from Teletype to ANSIBLE.

Just friendly info if you are not connecting them directly next to each other.

Now to learning!



Sorry to bring this up again, but I’d like to make sure I’ve understood this correctly.

I have one 2x3 header on my Teletype. I can use one 3 wire ribbon (like I could get from that Adafruit product) to connect one GND SCL SDA set to Ansible, and another to connect to Just Friends.

Do I have that right?


Yes, that is correct.


Great, 20 characters of thanks!