Teletype I2C -> Select Bus bridge


So the Teletype outputs regular I2C messages still, which would be transmitted over the TxB module. However the bit of hardware that changes that to a MIDI message onto the CV bus would need to be in each case. Unless you did as @alanza said and somehow linked the CV buses from each case.

Ive been trying with my Malekko modules to get them to clock via MIDI messages on the CV bus, but it hasnt been fruitful. This week im going to add a trigger out to the gate bus on the breadboard behind teletype, and get those clocking.

If anyone wants to give this a go, im happy to share the hardware and code ive used! Its a teensy with $2-3 more of components on a breadboard. The pcb is basically done, i just need to wait until a few other projects are also ready so i can put in an order


If this means I can bridge my TT/ansible ecosystem with Rene and Tempi I’m super interested!


Finally climbing out from under my build and catching up. Have to say that this is damn cool. Congrats!!!