teletype i2c stopped working

Hello, my i2c bus stopped working suddenly. Teletype powers up and does everything as it should, but i2c seems to not work anymore. Any ideas what it could be? :frowning:

Hi @woofy

Try powering your TT on a scene without i2C command, then load your i2C scene.
It should work…

nope still no response :frowning:

Can you please tell us what is on your i2c bus? You were just mentioning that JF wasn’t responding so I presume this is related.

Yes, I removed JF, and now there is only TxO and ER-301. TxO is recognised at teensy app, and ER-301 is also working like a charm.

Recent changes to configuration? Reversed SDA/SCK lines? Old ER-301 hardware (rev 7 PCB) needed those reversed BTW.

nope just came from a concert and powered up :frowning:

I wonder if there’s a way to reflash the hardware to reset the communication port maybe? I don’t know, I am a total noob in hardware stuff.

So now I find out that none of the modules I plugged on my i2c bus breakboard are recieving any i2c anymore. Hooking up a 16n to my er-301 also doesn’t respons. This is really a strange problem :frowning:

Did you get closer to a solution?

I am testing with a friend who knows a lot about electronics but it’s a very weird situation :frowning: Still nothing. The only thing I know is that the teensy of TxO is not responding, and JustFriends Beeps, er-301 doesnt recieve 16n i2c in slave mode. Such a bummer for my setup.
We are testing the pull-ups now, there might be chance that they don’t work anymore.

Good to hear you’re on a path. Stuff like this is really a bummer, can totally relate to how stressful it is.

Just put a bunch of old modules in a new case today, case powered itself off, all my initial assumptions were wrong, turned out to be a bad power cable…

Hope you get sorted out!

Thank you very much :slight_smile: it’s very sad in my situation. I have a relative small setup, and this is the most important part of it. Hope I can get it fixed in a way.