Teletype ii cable

So, somewhere I recall reading you should be able to run more than one module of the trilogy at a time( like two white whales) first…is this possible currently? Are different firmwares read differently? So if I run a whale an a orca that should be good in the hood? If this is correct, is it possible to order a longer ii cable with more than three attachment headers?

Presently I don’t think 2 of the same module+firmware are possible. However, if you had three white whale modules, you could communicate concurrently if they’re running the different firmwares (WW, Orca, Kria).

Brian has a solution for expanding the number of modules that can be TT connected which should be available soon. It’s also totally possible to DIY your own cables - they’re standard 6pin (2x3, 0.1" pitch) ribbon cables. Premade ribbons are probably already available for purchase somewhere in the diy electronics web universe…

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