Teletype II Header Upgrade (Docs)

For those looking to upgrade their trilogy modules to speak to teletype, there’s new documentation available outlining the process on the monome docs page:

Give a shout if you run into any troubles.

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I posted this somewhere else, but transferring it (and delete it there), since it seems more appropriate:

I just got a White Whale and an Earthsea from Escape from Noise, which they got a few weeks after TeleType, just last week, and they still come without the II solderings. That’s a pain… That’s what stopped me from buying some second hand ones before. I was hoping that all new modules now would come with the connectors to TT attached by default. Can you confirm that’s still not the case? Or maybe Escape From Noise are getting their stock from somewhere else… Perhaps I should have asked before. On the plus side, this is going to make me to learn soldering. :scream:

OK, the soldering was easy enough, easier than trying to put all the connected modules in the case. On my first attempt, the TeleType connection cable to Earthsea came off and I didn’t notice. But now everything seems to be working as they should, happy together. :smile:

in a pinch and cant find the ii chain that came with mine

can any ribbon cable be used for this connection?
my brain is saying yes but i’d like external confirmation on the topic

As long as the pins are matched it’ll work just fine.