(Teletype) IN / PARAM Calibration (Done)

and what about calibration of the 4 CV outs?

Iā€™m on part 4 of the teletype studies which involve knob + PARAM. Iā€™m not getting the correct max reading. Should calibrate? And how is that done using Maths? Thank you!

I just received a DIY Teletype and noticed that trying to quantize notes from 0-ctrl was off. All values above 50% on the 0-ctrl result in max readings on IN. This is after calibrating according to above procedure. The output from 0-ctrl is 0-5V. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Should the question be asked in the topic for Teletype DIY?
Tried calibrating with 0-10V and the max value happens at 2.5V after this all reading from IN are the same (max).

Edit: This seems to be related to the Pusherman PCB on which it is built. Found a solution in the Open Hardware topic. Leaving the post here though if someone else runs into the same issues.

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