Teletype Keyboard Issue

I am experiencing an issue with my teletype keyboard, when i turn my modular power on with the keyboard plugged in it seems to be dead (i can’t type anything) and i need to unplug/plug it in order to make it works again…
So should i replace the keyboard? I just hope this isn’t coming from the teletype :s

not the same issue but this recent thread should help if you need a replacement

have you tried any other keyboard? are there any other clues about what led to this malfunction?

Yeah thank you i saw this one already, i tried with my apple keyboard but it doesn’t work (as expected). But it seems very strange that unplugging/plugging the keyboard fixes this issue though :confused: !?

Dredging this thread back: my teletype keyboard reacts the same. I don’t have another windows keyboard I can test against. Was there ever any further discussion about this?