Teletype keyboard issues

New Teletype owner here. Can’t get a keyboard to work with it. I’ve tried two, both work fine with my Windows boxes. Keyboard 1 likes to stick… keys just reppppppppppppppppeat at random, sometimes don’t work at all. Keyboard 2 - the one that came with the Teletype - works great except for the Enter key, which works not at all. Again, no problems on other computers

Teletype version 3. Clearly from looking at previous messages I am not alone in this. I am inclined to believe this is an inherent design flaw in Teletype. Are there any steps that I can take to get a keyboard to work with this, other than trial and error?

I haven’t had issues with the keyboard that came with Teletype, so I’m not too up to date on the details, but I think there are a couple options. Some fixes have been made in recent firmwares to address dropped/repeated keys, so you might try updating to the latest beta, or waiting for the 3.1 release that the Teletype devs are planning on making soon (likely within a week or two). If you’re up to compiling the firmware yourself (I recommend this Docker image) I think you might also try tweaking the HID polling frequency for your specific keyboard and letting us know what works and for what model of keyboard. I think broadly that the trouble here probably arises from there being lots of behavior variation between different keyboards and the limited hardware resources on Teletype kind of necessitate adopting a simpler approach than full-fledged operating systems are able to use, but I also have basically zero first-hand experience with HID stacks in general or Teletype’s specifically.

e-mail and i can send you another!

Thank you everyone. Given the impending release of 3.1 I will wait on both offers. I could figure out how to do the compile but that is not something I want to spend my limited free time on. @tehn, thank you for the offer on the kbd but again I will wait a bit. Testing with a third keyboard tonight.

And later: the third keyboard works. This is a full-size HP keyboard, brand new (all my keyboards come from the spares pile at work). The two that don’t are the K-1000 mini-keyboard that came with the Teletype, and another mini-keyboard from work.

Looking forward to 3.1. I will report back on these keyboards then; maybe I’ll install the beta this weekend. Very much looking forward to the output calibration as well, that was the next item on my list of things to ask about.